28 April 2019


things I'm tired of doing:

eating soft foods
cleaning all the things
investing in friendships that are clearly dead
worrying about things I can't control
and, if I'm being completely honest, making lists


  1. Hey there :-) I have followed your beautiful account for years and never commented before. I am also tired of doing 2, 3 and 4. The time I spend cleaning now is probably a tenth or less of the time I spent cleaning in my twenties (I am in my late 40s now), so I guess that's progress. No notable progress in the other areas. I love your lists though and wish I did make lists but I never have. My sister makes lists daily, and my eldest granddaughter also, and I love finding them around the house when they have been to stay! Thank you for all the pleasure and pause for reflection you bring, to so many, I am sure x

    1. thank you-- thank you for reading. thank you for taking the time to share these things with me. it really means something to me. (finding lists! ah. I love that.) xx