15 March 2019


six years!

photobooths visited, from earliest personal memory to present:

six flags (st. louis, mo) (1970-something)
woolworths (somewhere in illinois) (1979)
mall drug store (bloomington, il) (multiple visits,1982-1988) 
shopping mall (st. louis, mo) (1984)
k-mart (milford, oh) (multiple visits, 1988-1989)
department store (tokyo, japan) (1989)
ed debevics (chicago, il) (1990)
hickory point mall (decatur, il) (multiple visits, 1989-1991)
forest fair mall (cincinnati, oh) (1991)
pharmor drugs (atlanta, ga) (1992)
six flags (atlanta, ga) (1992)
six flags (st. louis, mo) (1997)
soho gift shop (new york, ny) (multiple visits,1996-1999)
diner (houston, tx) (2001)
star bar (atlanta, ga) (multiple visits, 2003-2006)
city museum (st. louis, mo) (multiple visits, 2003-2007)
company christmas party (atlanta, ga) (2005)
outdoor mall (myrtle beach, sc) (2006)
unknown bar (new york, ny) (2006)
midtown shopping center (new york, ny) (2006) 
mall of georgia (suwanee, ga) (2006)
ace hotel (portland, or) (multiple, I mean muuuuultiple visits, 2007-2014)
little finnegan's (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2007-2012)
rose festival city fair (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2008-2011)
the florida room (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2008-2012)
musee mecanique (san francisco, ca) (2008)
haight street vintage shop (san francisco, ca) (2008)
house of vintage (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2009-2013)
voodoo doughnuts (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2010-2012)
archie mcphee's (seattle, wa) (multiple visits, 2011-2014)
ace hotel (palm springs, ca) (multiple visits, 2012-2014)
rayko photo center (san francisco, ca) (multiple visits, 2012-2015)
west egg cafe (atlanta, ga) (2011)
bon-ton (paris, france) (2013)
novelty shop (port townsend, wa) (2013)
gift shop (savannah, ga) (multiple visits, 2015-2016)
criminal records (atlanta, ga) (multiple visits, 2015-2018)
ace hotel (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2015-2018)
ace hotel (new york, ny) (2015)
the smith (new york, ny) (2016)
cargo (portland, or) (2018)
quimby's book store (chicago, il) (2018)
ace hotel (new orleans, la) (2018)


  1. You make me want to visit a photo booth. I have never taken a photo in one. I may need to add it to my list of things to do.

    1. do it before they all disappear! the old school photobooths (read: non-digital) are disappearing fast!