26 February 2019


things about my library:

it smells, inexplicably, like a swimming pool and this, inexplicably, comforts me
there are generous wooden tables that line a sweeping wall of windows
there's almost always a seat available at one of these tables
there's a lovely quiet to it in the morning
as the day goes on, it fills with people and by late afternoon it's almost thunderous with community and life 
there are often people there learning english, practicing english, which I love 
there are often students there working on class projects together, which I love
there's a quiet room, for quiet working, which I also love
there's a lucky day shelf, which I always, always check
they have the smallest, saddest collection of photography books, but I forgive them
it feels like home to me


  1. Honestly, it's the one true beacon of community goodness & hope in our neighborhood. I love going there with you.

  2. libraries are the best. the absolute best.

    1. I don't know what I'd do without libraries. I really don't.

  3. Your library sounds heavenly.....I adore libraries but mine is never full of life. It was recently rehoused from a 60's building to a beautiful old building across the road but is still sadly lack lustre.

    1. oh, that's too bad. after visiting another library in our area, I have a newfound appreciation for my own. there's something special about it and I'm incredibly grateful for it.