25 November 2017

cabins, plural

well. I really fell off the nablopomo wagon. and I was doing so well there, folks. I WAS DOING SO WELL. lemme tell you what happened. 

first, I spent last weekend at a friend's cabin nestled in the woods, far, far away from internet connection. then I spent four more days in a different cabin, nestled in a different woods, also far, far away from any internet connection. and I knew this might happen but I think maybe I thought there might be super magical internet powers floating around out there in the woods.

as it turned out, there were no super magical internet powers floating around out there in the woods.

which, actually, was a good thing. a great thing, a terrifically magical thing. real time without internet or cel phone reception is the new american luxury, folks. I read books, wrote with a real pen on real paper, played board games, built fires, roasted things. and talked. a lot. to be clear, these are all things I do in real life, but it's an entirely different experience without the monstrous distractions we now all live with every day. we listened to the radio. not spotify, not itunes, the radio. THE RADIO. I did not realize this option still existed outside of the car. 

nablopomo streak blown (quite monumentally, I might add) but for nearly six days, I did not feel the pull to compulsively check things every ten minutes. as it turned out, I needed real internet-free time. I really needed it. like, bad. 


  1. So glad you had that time to yourself. Being out there unplugged sounds magical and necessary. Curious-- what did you read? Any you would recommend to a friend? Thanks for coming back here though, a post from you is always a delight. ~b xox

    1. hi! please forgive my belated response here!

      while staying in the first cabin, I finished 'their eyes were watching god' by zora neale hurston-- had read many years ago in my early twenties and loved it, decided it was time to re-read it as ava was reading it for her AP lit class. love it even more and see it with completely different eyes (20 some years of living will do that, ha).

      while staying in the second cabin, I started 'the rent collector' by cameron wright, which is a book ezra had to read for his 8th grade language arts class. (he loved it and really wanted me to read it). finished it just a few days ago and it's a really sweet story. I can see why ezra loved it, why the teacher assigned it.

      the other book I had with me was the 'cloud collector's handbook' by gavin pretor-pinney, which is a lovely little book that helps you identify (and collect, through documentation) all sorts of clouds. I just love it.


  2. I'm so glad you took that time. we all need more non-internet connection time. I've been pondering taking one myself.

    1. embarrassed to say just how much I needed it, how good it was for me. highly recommend a break, even if it's just for a couple of days! we're just so connected all the time right now, mostly because of phones. and mostly, I enjoy it, I benefit from it, am able to find balance. but it's just hard to find balance aaaaall the time. kinda starting to feel like there should be mandatory breaks, ha.