18 July 2017

sixty second love letter (one)

love letter//number one from andrea corrona jenkins on Vimeo.

a sixty second photograph that is really a sixty second love letter to a place I love so much it makes my bones hurt: san francisco.

I last traveled there in august of 2016, thanks to my dear friend tracy. sometimes I think I miss it more than portland. but I don't want to talk about it.

year two of the sixty second photograph project and we're not making films every month like we did the first year, just every once in a while, you know, all quarterly-like. which gives us all a little more breathing room, I think. I first shared this film during the great in between, aka my six-month silence here. I put it out there with the rest of the lovely films, said nary a word about it. now feels like a good time to say a word about it.

tracy, this is for you. you are all up in this film, even if your face isn't.

(music: queen by the octopus project)


  1. Beautiful! In addition to your "Sixty Second Love Letter" for your "Sixty Second Photograph" I'd like to offer another alternate title of "Sixty Second Polaroid" because that is exactly what it feels like. You work magic.

  2. Love these snippets of SF that you've sewn together. When I visited there 2 years ago I felt like I saw the city through Tracy's eyes from following her blog. Made it even more magical.

  3. quarterly, much more civilized, love love love your films

  4. As a child of California this made my heart ache...it the best way possible. Magic again.

  5. I just found this for the first time. A Sunday morning, barely awake, still in bed. And you made me giggle and cry a little, too. Let's go back there. Together. Soon. Ok? ... I love you and miss you so ❤️❤️❤️