01 July 2016

june's sixty seconds

err, 156 seconds. because june needed more than 60 seconds. because, summer. so maybe I'll shove this little film in the freezer with the strawberry freezer jam I made this year, the jam we're trying so hard not to eat right now because we know how good it will taste in january. maybe I'lll grab it six months from now when we're squarely lodged in the middle of january. maybe that's what I'll do.

(more lovely summer films over at the sixty second photograph, a project I've been participating in since the beginning of the year)

(music is swim team by arms and sleepers and I love them, I love them a lot)


  1. this one is so good. and i love the music, thank you! oh andrea, what do i do - we're not having a summer at all! we're still doing summery things which are all so great but you can feel something is missing (the weather) and it's palpable. send some sun up here my way:)

  2. Oh Andrea, you inspire me! Love this so much.

  3. Oh MAN! The story. The story you painted with this one. They keep getting better and better.