20 June 2016

summer manifesto

kids, it's officially the first day of summer. I do believe this calls for a manifesto. 

this summer, we will:

eat strawberry shortcake
made with strawberries we pick.

catch lightning bugs in jars,
then set them all free.

roll up to the starlight drive-in on a week night,
stay for the second feature.

add to our crazy pool float collection
with nary a thought to the practical.

celebrate ezra's twelfth birthday with go-kart races
and secret rainbow cakes.

visit the local farmers market,
refuse to buy even one tomato from the grocery store.

build complicated forts in the backyard
using only what we have on hand.

make ginormous bubbles from scratch,
bubbles that will impress even the teenagers.

spend a saturday morning at the yard sales, 
buy the weird things.

pick blackberries and blueberries 
til our fingers are way stained.

float on our backs in the ocean,
wish for it to last forever.

scour the beach for shells
glue them to bobby pins and wear them in our hair,
think we are really cool.

explore the old oakland cemetery at dusk,
be not afraid.

sit under bright-colored umbrellas at lotta frutta,
drink exotic fruity drinks.

watch old movies at the old fox theatre, 
sing along with mighty mo.

set fireworks off at the beach,
lament the state of our country.

start at least one giant water balloon fight, 
end it before it gets ugly. 

sample every single sonic slushie flavor,
you know, for science.

say hi to olga and her house of stuff,
eat lemon ice cream cones.

climb the tiovivo sculptures at the high,
snapchat from the insides.

look at all the things at the high
when it's too hot to climb inside the sculptures.

find the hidden falls, 
pat selves on back.

keep scissors in the glove compartment at all times
for the flowers that grow alongside the highway.

make cherry limeade popsicles from scratch,
make enough to share.

visit the ponce city market rooftop,
see what we can see.

celebrate ava's sweet sixteen with a pretty cake
and, an alien-shaped cake, per her request.

hit the road and drive south,
hop on the train and head north.

see a few new places,
revisit a handful of the old ones.

perfect all underwater handstands,
make time for night swimming.

stand in the middle of a sunflower field
for as long as they will let us.

stand at the base of toccoa falls
when it's too hot to stand anywhere else.

eat popsicles and read books
in great quantities.

lay in the hammock 



  1. Replies
    1. so crossing our fingers we get to see olga this summer!

  2. Oh…this screams summer…and inspires me to create our own manifesto for summer. As usual, lovely words.

    1. thank you! favorite kind of list to make for sure...! xo

  3. yes! this inspires me too - i need to do this. i read an old blog post of mine about summer the other day that i wrote before i became a mother and it made me miss creative writing. i feel like being a mom has drained me from all creativity. i don't like this. i want to get the juices flowing again, your words and pictures always inspire me to dip my toes back in

    1. juggling motherhood and creativity is definitely challenging, especially during those early years. when ava and ezra were little, it felt so much harder (but it's also how I maintained sanity, which totally helped me be a better mother). now that they're older, there's a little more room for my work as a creative, more time to write, freedom to travel and teach, etc, etc, etc. but I miss those early days, I really do. I knew I would. just saying you want to get the creative juices flowing again is a step in the right direction, wanting it, wanting to make time for it... you'll get back into the swing of it. xoxoxo

  4. this might help with #4: https://www.amazon.com/Inflatable-Pizza-Pool-Float-Swimming/dp/B01BXBKUE0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467203612&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=inflatable+pizza+slice&psc=1

    1. gaaaaaaaah AWESOME. I think I even saw somewhere that you could put all those together to make a complete pizza pie... which, of course, you know I totally want to do. :)