21 January 2016

the sixty second photograph

(music by my friend dan smith aka listener)

here is a little piece of my life. a little piece of what january looks like around here, a piece of a bigger project that, quite frankly, scares me.

the sixty second photograph is a year long project-- eight still photographers committed to learning how to make pictures move. one tiny film each month, 60-120 seconds in length, for the next twelve months. we are all of us brand new to this thing, feeling our way around the metaphorical dark, jugulars completely exposed. what I mean to say is, it's hard to say yes to projects like this. to processes that are not safe or familiar, that involve fumbling around, asking for help. it's also hard to put the work out there when you know it could be one hundred times better, when you know (you just know) you might look back and cringe.

but it's also intoxicating. and essential to profound creative growth, which is why I said yes. I wanted to say no (I really, really wanted to say no) but it had to be yes. yes, I will learn something new. yes, I will make all the mistakes. yes, I will maybe want to pull my hair out. yes, I will make myself vulnerable. yes, I will wander around the metaphorical dark til I find the metaphorical light switch, all the metaphorical light switches, yes, I will do this. yes, yes, yes.

and I'm glad I said yes. I'm still scared. but I'll ride that happy glad feeling all the way til the end of the project in december, collecting small victories as I go. it's the only way.

(more moving pictures by talented photographers I am completely honored to be working//learning alongside over at the sixty second photograph)

(and thank you, leah, for giving me just the push I needed)


  1. I LOVE it and feel inspired. Thank you Andrea!

  2. I totally want to try this! Just for myself if no one else. I find myself falling out of love with photographs and falling all over the strange little videos I took when my kids were small.

    I'm so glad you are going for it. Your video? Beautiful.

  3. I love all the videos, what a great idea! I have taken Xanthe's classes, and made a few, but have so many more to make!

  4. I love this video. The way the colours echo through the shots. The relaxed positive feeling of family life. And ooooh the light :-)

  5. can not express how glad I am that you said yes. this is SO good. and I know those feelings that you speak of, they're so polar from each other aren't they?

  6. Love. Love. Love. So inspiring:).

  7. I just want to come back to this over and over again. The lights and the colors but really... The faces. And the love.

  8. How are you editing these? Are you using iMovie? They are just GREAT! I actually love February's even more!!!