15 December 2014



steeped in december over here. which really just means I'm busy pinching sap off the ends of christmas tree branches to rub into the palms of my hands. you know, so I can breathe it in, every chance I get. recently, I showed up for a counseling session with a few stray pine needles stuck to the side of my cheek and, I don't know. I think this means I might be doing it right.

am trying to find places for all the christmas things in this new house. am playing all the records, singing all the songs, baking all the things. in other words, decembering. because december is something you do but also, something you feel. december is the celebration of a birth, the birth is hope and without this hope, we are nothing.

p.s. I'm also over at habit this month, contributing when I can. that is, when I've not got my face buried deep in the branches of a christmas tree.


  1. i like the word "decembering". i may have to start using that.
    and i am thinking that a road trip may have to happen in 2015.
    wishing you a gazillion heartfulls of hope, my friend. merry christmas.

  2. The smell of the tree, turning on the lights each morning when it's still dark outside, basking in the glow - December is the best. = )

  3. I love this photo, and the words, and also ... I'm sending you big love, because decembering for us now also means missing the ones we love a little extra. Wish I could hug you and breathe in that pine scent. xo

  4. Happy decembering, happy holidays! :)