03 October 2014

list of right now

wall of good


1. salted pistachio nuts
2. ezra's tiny folded paper stars
3. everything in glass jars, everything
4. the magic of memory foam
5. the light in the living room around one o'clock
6. leah's unforgettable grocery list
7. dera's things for remembering
8. portland listening, atlanta listening
9. new york and san francisco too
10. big fat bags of leftover color powder
11. big fat stacks of old forty-fives
12. blackcattips out in the burbs
13. imaginary shopping sprees involving clogs of the maguba variety
14. the sorting through of the road trip polaroids
15. the reading (devouring) of the book the gold finch
16. dorothea lange and her hunk of lightning
17. combinations and across the floor with twenty young terrific movers
18. unexpected packages of instant film from lovely friends
19. the obsessing over a gallery wall
20. the beginning of life as a coffee drinker
21. the teeniest, tiniest crockpot
22. vivid dreams where I am grocery shopping with my mom
23. mexican blankets for days and days
24. sonic cherry limeades forever