31 May 2014

squam in the city

oh hey, squam! squam in the city! stoked to announce I'll be there this september leading a few experiential photo walks on the streets of one of america's oldest (and squam organizer extraordinaire elizabeth's favorite) cities-- providence, rhode island!

one part photo walk, one part workshop, one part treasure hunt, this is my dream class scenario, folks. wandering down side streets and back alleyways, cameras in hand. talking street photography and the art of shooting on the fly. talking tips and tricks and the ins and outs of shooting portraits of strangers, talking color and light. hours spent looking for stories, jamming our cameras with a hundred city stories.

also? so many terrific teachers lined up, including my friend and fellow color//colour co-conspirator xanthewho is also leading photo walks. color//colour photo walks. you guys. I AM EXCITED.

and don't even get me started on the hotel. because it's so good I can't even talk about it.

is this your gig? is this your scene? if so, read more here. and then meet me on the streets of providence in september, mamacita.

1 comment:

  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!! almost in my "hood" so a roadt trip will be made for sure. congrats ladies! XO