20 January 2014



it was just about this time last year I went looking for color. portland's bleak brand of january left me no choice. I was parched, desperate for it. so I took matters into my own hands, went out looking for it and found it. I'll tell you, it made me pretty happy. so happy, in fact, I forgot how grey everything was, how many more grey months lay ahead of us. for a second, I forgot all about the january uphill. color as antidote, simple as that. the looking for it, the shooting of it, the bringing it home in intangible and tangible ways.

how about I went head to head with the grey and how about I won.

as it turned out, my friend xanthe had been doing the same. 4,910 miles away in london, xanthe was as fed up with the grey as I was and decided to make her own colour. so I pulled up a chair and I followed along. I drank in every colorful detail of every colour-drenched post. her images and films were like a shot in the arm. it was the mindset, though. the intention behind the images that hooked me. and so began a conversation. the turning of an idea over and over between us, the idea of a color collaboration. and then it was january. again. and then, of course, it was time. pleased to announce: 

COLOR//COLOUR:  seven weeks of the seeking and the capturing of color in photographs and films. 

RED: week one, mon 20th january
YELLOW: week two, mon 27th january
PINK: week three, mon 3rd february
GREEN: week four, mon 10th february
PURPLE: week five, mon 17th february
ORANGE: week six, mon 24th february
BLUE: week seven, mon 3rd march

we'll be hunting color on the streets of portland, oregon and london, england, we'll be looking for it in the corners of our homes and in the details of our neighborhoods. we'll be wearing it on our bodies and painting it on our fingers and toes. we'll be finding it in buckets of flowers and bins of produce at the market, in the aisles of party supply stores and on the shelves of thrift shops. we'll be finding new ways to flood our grey days with color and we'll be documenting and sharing, as much as we can. 

there'll be bits and pieces here on the blog and over at xanthe's and then over on instagram but the real party will be over on our new tumblr COLOR//COLOUR LOVERSwhere our photographs and films will totally be color BFFs and live together forever and ever amen. play along, if you like. share wherever you are here on the world wide internets. find us over on instagram. there will be hashtags. the more color, the better, I say. more more more.

take that, winter.


  1. Super-yay! So excited. You do amazing color. I'll be playing along via Insta...

  2. oh, ladies, this makes me SO HAPPY.

  3. Love this! While I'm lucky to not have grey skies here, I like to play the color game when I'm out running errands and I'm bored. Such as taking my mom to the grocery store. I pick a color and walk around the store taking photos with my phone. I do get odd looks from other shoppers, but I've captured some great images this way!
    Laura @ luckypennylove.com

  4. I adore this idea!! I'm going to try to join in with my blog and via Instagram. :) x

  5. Hi there, I've never contacted you before which is awful because your blog brings me so much joy. And now it's giving me more inspiration than a girl can bear, colour! I love it! I'm in Australia and the sun is so harsh at this time of the year - draining and bleaching everything. I love the idea of hunting for colour. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring and motivating. Best wishes, Michelle

  6. Yay, I definitely need some colour! It's foggy and rainy and I haven't found any red yet for this week, but I will play along! :-)

  7. you're so amazing. this is exactly what my grey, frozen tundra dwelling self needs! xxoo

  8. and here i am kinda pining for the grey! will try to play along...good excuse for field tripping and cleaning out that room that shant be cleaned.

  9. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this color-ific fun! As an Instagram newbie, this will be a great way to get my feet wet (and dipped in colors). Thanks!

  10. What joy! Searching out and capturing color in our every day. I will enjoy playing along :D

  11. I had so much fun with red this week. On to yellow! Thanks for the inspiration!! http://joyfulwhimsy.blogspot.com/2014/01/colorcolour-red.html

  12. I love watching this unfold. And the text with your red post was fabulous.

  13. I'm playing, too. (in Japan!)

  14. Hi!
    It's my first time here at your blog, via "Posie gets cosy", and I think this idea of sharing colour experiencing is great!
    I've done this colour hunting before, but I never really did it in a systematic way. A few years ago we went out one day with the kids, each one of us with a colour assigned. I and my husband have done this several times. He sticks to yellow, and has collected some nice pics in a book: http://www.appannie.com/books/ibooks-store/book/498858674/
    I think I'll join you in this colourful adventure :)

  15. Hope you don't mind that I join in... I've been looking at your pics and xanthe's everyday and decided i'd have a go from tomorrow.

  16. So fun! I'm late to the party, but I'll definitely join in from New Jersey, I can't wait for Spring!