16 November 2013

five senses friday

this week

borrowed from my friend shari, who had the brilliant idea of documenting a week in this particular way:

seen:  bits of yellow in my hood, a mountain of clean laundry to fold, leaves scattered like starfish on the sidewalk

heard: the playing of records, the howling of wind, too many beard jokes

smelled: movie theatre popcorn, orange slices in my water, the insides of library books

tasted: avocado on toast, honey crisp apples, leftover halloween candy

felt: the weight of the yashica-d in my hands, the sinking of my body into the beautiful abyss that is The Big Green Couch



  1. seen: an amazing sunset from my window at the end of a tough day, the autumn leaves rolling by with the wind beating down in the park
    heard: myself laughing as I hadn't in a long time, loud music as I danced
    smelled: my boyfriens's perfume in his pillow, hot ginger tea
    tasted: sloes freshly picked to use for a homemade sloe gin, hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows
    felt: the softness of my duvet as I sink after a days work, the cold in my feet in a walk in the woods, on the 1st day of frost

    1. yes, yes and yes. thank you so much for sharing, friend.

  2. seen: carnival lights, true & true heartfelt embraces, a lover's wink through the crowd
    heard: rhythmic snoring, hot coffee filling carafe, instructional tutorial on home styling
    smelled: puppy breath, Kerrytown aroma of the farmer's market, red wine sweetness
    tasted: peanut butter on crumpet, ice cold beer at the carnival, mint ice cream cake
    felt: a tiny hand reach out in the middle of the night to hold mind, a puppy's mane buried in mine, deep sadness and fear from a rejected gesture xO

    1. oh my goodness, yes. thank you, charlene. thank you! xo