17 October 2013

paris in polaroids, part three

(places like this actually exist?) (because, really)


(I could not fit this in my suitcase) (also, it was not mine)

(I wanted all the stripey shirts, all of them) (I left with none)

(ava wanted all the flower-shaped gelato, all of it) (she managed two cones)

(oh gosh, the doors, all the pretty doors)

(plus these guys, the ones I chased after) (because, of course)

(and montmartre, just as I imagined it'd be)

(plus macarons, my very first macarons)

(last but not least, the one responsible for this extraordinary adventure, sweet irene) (finally, a polaroid portrait of a fellow instant photographer who has so profoundly inspired me)

part three of the paris polaroids, number 43 off the list. a few of my very favorites and the last of the last. though there are still rolls of film to be developed, folders full of photographs to share. four months later and I am still processing, still not believing it actually happened. I take my time with these things, I always take my time.

(fyi, all paris polaroids shot with glorious impossible project PX680 film)


  1. All of these images are beautiful. Simply beautiful. So glad you and Ava were able to go!

  2. These photos are all so beautiful and really capture the love and joy of your trip.

  3. i like it that you take your time. makes it last longer for those of us who love your photos (pretty much everyone with eyes) ;) thanks for always sharing your beautiful images.

  4. I am so excited you had this opportunity. Happy for you. Even happier that Ava was your companion. Marvelous!

  5. the washed off tones go perfect with Pari -they look so dreamy! meow x

  6. So awesome to see these through your eyes. Please make a book! I would love to make a photo album for you... = )

  7. Oh, beautiful polaroid photos. :)