28 June 2013

hey ho

so, this summer I'll be contributing to a rad lil ecourse called the phone photography project. 32 days of iphone challenges from 32 different contributors. busting at the seams with tips, tricks, project ideas and more more more.

(sign up here and gimme a holla this summer)


  1. I don't have the right kind of phone, but I have mad support for you, hula, and all the cool ways you are finding to share. I have searched the world for those same flower painted clogs, and for naught. Can you share this secret, too?

  2. I am SO excited for the phone photography class!!! But, I have to tell you, this week with you as the instructor at the Finding Your Photo Style class is amazing!!!! I am SO in love with your style!!!

  3. Oooo! That sounds fun. I'm off to explore it.