31 January 2013

list forty-four: better than candy

better than cake, even. making me thirteen different kinds of happy:

1. an audience as art movement
2. a twin lens reflex camera for instant film
3. an enthusiastic ira glass waxing poetic about a brilliant modern dance company
4. and said brilliant company at the joyce this weekend (which I would so go see if it were at all humanly possible)
5. also, the most perfect episode of this american life, ever 
6. how about the promise of a new michel gondry film 
7. and california through xanthe's eyes
8. plus imaginary doors (and the people who pass by them)
9. also, a retrospective to get really excited about
10. and gorgeous work by some good friends of mine (I could watch this for hours)
11. plus, the teaching of my kids' instant photography class
12. and the taking of a new modern dance class
13. not to mention, a really really really (really) exciting email


  1. Thank you Hula for these awesome delights! You've got my heart excitedly pitter pattering x

  2. This list is amazing and inspiring, Andrea. Thank you.

  3. Yes, thank you for sharing. I've already watched the preview for that Michel Gondry film a couple times. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I wish I knew french so that I could understand what the captions said.

  4. doors!

  5. you're dancing, yes? yayyyyy. <3 love all this.

  6. I saw the Carrie Mae Weems retrospective at the Frist when I was in Nashville at Christmas. Fantastic.

  7. it is all happening. : )
    (don't know what the email is...but if it involves
    anyone revealing the amazingness that is you, then it must be
    just fantastic).

    i love how full your heart it. xo

  8. Oh my gosh! I want to see Monica Bill Barnes & Company someday!

  9. thanks for all the dance links.

  10. Thanks you for the link xxxx
    Exciting emails! I love that xxxx

  11. I saw the Carrie Mae Weems exhibit in Nashville. It was absolutely amazing. I'm excited for you to go...let's trade notes after! Also...that Michel Gondry trailer....WAYYYY better than candy. Or really anything else. Hope you are well, my friend! I've been happy to see posts full of color and happiness on your blog again.