31 October 2012

list forty-three: small things

or, not so small things. getting me through:

1. leaves the color of butterscotch
2. trees that seem to glow
3. the constructing of halloween costumes
4. the holding of the sweetest of babies
5. home-cooked meals from the sweetest of friends
6. stevie wonder records on repeat
7. dark movie theatres
8. daily texts from my dad
9. time in the land of sunshine
10. unexpected packages from friends (filled with thoughtful things that make me cry)
11. rolls of bright-colored crepe paper
12. postcards in my mailbox nearly everyday
13. the shopping for outfits for middle school dances
14. the shooting of many, many polaroids
15. the riding of bikes down tree-lined streets
16. her sterling silver dogwood ring on my finger
17. the last of the pink cosmos
18. ezra's spectacular laugh
19. apple caramel anything


  1. Oh I love every single one of these things. xoxo

  2. yes for dark movie theaters, and all these other things. good list.

    friend, i want to send you some snail mail, if i can? email me your addy, if you're comfy with that: b_maria_why@yahoo.com

  3. hug. i'm glad there are 19 things that are helping you. here's to the next 19 ! xo

  4. I was cooking to my Stevie album last night! Love him! This is a lovely list. I'm happy you're finding some peace in the small things. :)

  5. oh i like these things. so glad you are finding the little things that get you through. xo

  6. dreamy list. isn't it grand, to delight in these beautifully good things we enjoy in this precious life?
    love you!

  7. this is a great reminder that it is often the small things, that are both easy to forget, and important at the same time. I am not entirely sure how that happens. I am off to think of my own small things that get me through. I have taken up wiht a smal instant film camera, so I am going to photography them, for my graitute journal. thanks

  8. I loved the video. She was beautiful.

  9. This is so nice! I think that people should be more appreciative of these small moments! Lovely! ~ nerdwithtaste.wordpress.com

  10. I am glad for her ring on your finger. It makes you smile each time you see it, doesn't it?

  11. Hold tight to those beautiful moments. There is nothing small about their magic.