21 August 2012

70 things in 2,669 days

(or, before I turn 49)

1. fill a room with balloons
2. swim in turquoise waters
3. shoot with the yashica
4. spend the night in a yurt
5. finish the patchwork wall
6. cross the canadian border
7. develop the box full of film
8. walk across seventy bridges
9. fly down seventy slides
10. label the backs of the polaroids
11. label the backs of the photobooth strips
12. own a pink ukelele (done)
13. learn to rewire a lamp
14. take the train down to los angeles (or, up to new york)
15. rifle through tables of junk at the world's largest fleamarket
16. wear the fellini dress
17. attend a photobooth convention
18. spend the night in a trailer
19. stand at the top of the falls
20. celebrate twenty years of marriage
21. bake a lemon meringue pie
22. visit that one mountain
23. decorate the old bike
24. send the thank you notes
25. finish the q&a book
26. learn more italian
27. pull off an elaborate april fools joke
28. make (and wear) a crown of daisies
29. write about the charm bracelets
30. plant the tulip bulbs
31. hang the souvenir plates
32. take ava and ezra to chicago
33. take ava and ezra to new york
34. archive the old family photographs
35. walk the east bank esplanade
36. roller skate with friends
38. take one hundred dance classes
39. make one hundred paper flowers
40. visit the japanese baths
41. spend the night in the pink room
42. shoot polaroids in italy
43. shoot polaroids in france (done, done, done)
44. fill a book with collages
45. take a capoiera class
46. transform the garage
48. visit the world famous giant camera
49. ride a bicycle made for two
50. hit the rose bowl fleamarket
51. finish construction of the site
52. trace the sicilian family line
53. spend the night in a treehouse
54. perfect the lemonade recipe
55. ride the santa cruz sky candy (done)
56. throw a backyard party
58. write one sentence everyday for a year
59. have a show here in atlanta
60. resurrect the hammock
61. revisit the underwater camera
62. visit paradise gardens
63. develop the secret workshop
64. finish the book of polaroid portraits
65. make a little zine
66. get a little ink
68. ride the rooftop ferris wheel
69. spend the night in a teepee
70. run willy nilly into the cold, cold ocean

(numbers 37, 47, 57 and 67 have intentionally been left blank and with good reason-- eight years is a long time) (left room for the unexpected)


  1. this looks super!! I might try out #53 #42 and #7.

  2. #68 is awesome and terrifying and TOTALLY worth doing!

  3. Love this idea. It's good to have some long term dreams to travel towards :)

  4. Some of those can be done today: do it :) xoxo!

  5. you are so adorable.

    thank you for this much needed permagrin.

  6. Love this image...
    I see some that I could add to my list...:)

  7. i love your lists...i'm gonna add some of these to my list. ;) especially that trailer hotel.

  8. What a fun list. I love these so much! I'm in the process of writing mine for my b'day (sept. 11th) when I turn 29 so it will be 29 things to do before I turn 30! So far I haven't finished everything on my birthday lists, but that's ok.

  9. i will, as usual, look forward to seeing and reading as you accomplish the things on your list. :) always, always good.

  10. I did #48 last week. It was very, very cool.

  11. there's also a vintage trailer hotel in Bisbee, Arizona if you never make it to Texas. :)

  12. That's a lot! Your list sounds exciting, too! Yay for films!! :)

  13. i recently rode a bicycle made for two and despite it being slightly scary i had a massive grin on my face the whole time! Would recommend x

  14. if you do #14, I can show you that we have a #48 right by the ocean down here...

  15. One of the best lists I've ever seen...

  16. you always have the best best best lists my dear! xxxx

  17. Come to Utah for #4. I'll take you to the best one we've got! :)

  18. My favorite write one sentence a day for the entire year. Simple and doable. Great list by the way.

  19. this is list is awesome.
    i love it.
    i decided today i want to see circ de soleil perform before i am 40, and then i read your blog post.
    good luck. i hope you achieve these.

  20. when you do #41 you must tell me, my folks live in slo & I will come up to visit you!!
    your list is so very awesome. love love love.