23 July 2012

super happy time

unofficial biannual super happy 2-for-1 summer sale, peoplesbuy one print, get one free. buy two, get two. buy three, get three and so on and so forth. aaaaand new prints have been added to le shoppe. you know, for fun. here's how it works: order the print (or prints) you'd like and then, in that handy dandy 'message to the seller' section, specify which print (or prints) you'd like as your freebies. special runs five days only-- today, july 23rd through saturday, july 28th. included in each package: a little extra special summer something. because it's summer. and I think you know how I feel about summer.


  1. Such beautiful, dreamy images...

  2. Beautiful photography, such a sweet deal on your prints!
    Would look perfect on the lounge wall for those dreary Winter nights :)

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