22 June 2011

list thirty-six: 100 things I love about summer


1. daisies in my front yard
2. rainbow snow cones
3. old lawn furniture
4. drive-in movies
5. polaroid skies
6. lightning bugs
7. sidewalk chalk
8. saltwater sandals
9. saturday morning yard sales
10. sunflower fields
11. street festivals
12. paper fans
13. ice cream cones
14. the sound of cicadas
15. the hum of old fans
16. polka dot bathing suits
17. backyard string lights
18. oversized beach balls
19. teeny tiny pinwheels
20. carnival food
21. painted toes
22. diving boards
23. impromptu picnics
24. water balloon fights
25. epic roadtrips
26. cherry slushees
27. open windows
28. hanging laundry
29. flashlight games
30. frozen grapes
31. barbecues
32. bare skin
33. squirt guns
34. sundresses
35. homemade tents
36. cut-off jeans
37. collected shells
38. super slides
39. neon inner tubes
40. roadside fruit stands
41. underwater tea parties
42. candy-colored zinnias
43. the sound of ice cream trucks
44. the scent of the ocean
45. long afternoons at the library
46. long afternoons at the park
47. mexican coca cola
48. corn on the cob
49. hand-painted driftwood
50. homemade bubbles
51. vintage sunglasses
52. white cotton nightgowns
53. pink plastic flamingos
54. roller coasters
55. ferris wheels
56. frozen lemonade
57. giant hammocks
58. dinner on the patio
59. early evening bike rides
60. late night light
61. hand-picked strawberries
62. braided hair
63. baby pools
64. dairy queen
65. tiki torches
66. the scent of fresh cut grass
67. the scent of suntan lotion
68. hot city sidewalks
69. lemonade stands
70. mexican peasant blouses
71. backyard croquet
72. watering cans
73. fireworks
74. farmers markets
75. tide pools
76. straw totes
77. water slides
78. window boxes
79. sandcastles
80. sleepovers
81. sparklers
82. art camp
83. blueberries
84. beach umbrellas
85. miniature golf
86. neighborhood parades
87. lawn sprinklers
88. turquoise waters
89. wild blackberries
90. hand-painted rocks
91. bright-colored beach towels
92. fleamarket weekends
93. happy gardens
94. magic hour
95. night swimming
96. daisy chains
97. popsicles
98. summer songs
99. bare feet
100. sunshine

happy second day of summer, friends.


  1. absolutely love the photo and your list! thinking about my summer now :) x

  2. What a beautiful list for the summertime. Thank you very much for sharing !
    Best regards Synnöve

  3. I LOVE THIS LIST. so much. that is all.

  4. that list is just dripping with goodness.

  5. Love this. It's like a poem to all that's good about this season. Thanks Andrea!

  6. Super duper love that photo and the list!! xoxo

  7. i live down in New Zealand, where we are smack-bang in the middle of winter. whilst reading all your summer goodness i could feel the heat on my shoulders. bless you and your gorgeously delicious list!

  8. a great list--which is sort of normal for you. :) and now, off to make my own (because that's the sort of thing you inspire).

  9. adorable! that photo is precious.

  10. This was such a fun list to read! Got me all excited....

  11. I live mere miles from the Drive-in in Newberg and I forget to go! I'm not living my summer to its fullest, darnit. = )

  12. Must of took you a while to come up with that list :)

  13. this list made me want to go outside and soak in the summer. i love running through lawn sprinklers!

  14. i love lists or any sort and this one is an especially delicious one.

  15. I tripple quadruple love your lists Andrea! Especially when they're 100 items long!

  16. I love this list! It makes me miss summer, i just have to wait 5 months for it to come back... but at least your list helps me day dream about it.

  17. BAM. best list ever.
    that photo makes me miss my long hair. actually, it just makes me miss being 7 and having my mama fresh braid it:)


  18. yes yes yes. such a great list. i might have to check some of these things off of my list soon.

    you are the queen of epic lists and summertime. :)

  19. I so love your lists!!

    and summer too!


  20. Love this! Your blog is such an inspiration. :)

  21. all things good. so good. and many of them making me feel completely nostalgic. such a perfect photo to go with this post.

  22. Wonderful post. Beautiful photo.