14 May 2010

list fifteen: recently spotted

from the seat of my bicycle yesterday I saw:

1. an aqua-colored house

2. blankets hung out the window to dry

3. irises and poppies in full bloom

4. a man with impeccable posture

5. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER written in pink chalk on the sidewalk

6. a tangerine-colored banana seat bike

7. softball-sized grapefruit at the vietnamese grocery

8. a perfect example of the subconscious art of graffiti removal

9. one clawfoot tub

10. one pink door

11. two yellow balloons

12. a spectacular view of mt. hood

13. fruit crates in a rainbow of colors

14. a perfectly cloudless polaroid sky

(fifteen down, thirty-seven to go)


  1. I was really taken with the graffiti video. The removal art is interesting and compelling, but I have to admit that the cinematographic shots are what excited me most. Wow! I hope you don't mind, I may post it too. I'll give you a shout out if I do. :)

  2. I love this list!! Now, how is it that you can see so many magical things in just one bike ride?! I want to live where you do!! Not all places are equal apparently or the magic is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. oh what a wonderful wonderful list! =]

  4. a great list. thanks for sharing x

  5. Oh, gosh! "I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER" in pink chalk?! That is awesome. AWESOME. Here's to pink sidewalk chalk.

  6. sounds like an excellent, color-filled day. and seriously? an aqua house??? that's awesome.

  7. I always love your lists. I always love your lists!! :)

  8. i love justin beiber in chalk is my fav.

    how funny is that!

  9. Have just found your blog and love love love it! I don't like cilantro, either, and read that there's a scientific reason behind it - but I can't remember the details. Your photos are Great, and this list is fab. Your newest follower, Erin

  10. ps - it also reminded me a lot of the new banksy film -- have you seen it yet?

  11. *love* that graffiti removal piece. an older art prof of mine has been photographing these for many, many years as rothko-esque. so beautiful.

  12. I like how writing your lists makes you remember the tiny details - like that man with impeccable posture. Looking forward to the next one!