01 September 2008

hello september and welcome to duaflex monday

or in my case, argus seventy-five monday. though more accurately, through the viewfinder monday. I am jumping on karen's ship because that's a good ship, friends. plus, I love karen.

but anyway. about this through the viewfinder business. a few of you have asked and I am giddy to share. come back next monday for the sort of tutorial only a mother could love. only too happy to spill the beans though it should be said that I am by no means an expert. just someone who loves to play around with it. so, yes. next monday. because today I have some grieving to do. today is the first day of september and we all know what that means. summer, she is over. oh yes, there will be lingering signs of her here and there but you know it and I know it and even she knows it. goodbye summer, hello fall.

p.s. if you need an immediate ttv fix, see my girl karen.

p.p.s. sadly, the summer postcard swap is officially not a summer postcard swap anymore. but still a swap. and believe it or not, still happening. though you are all probably starting to wonder what is wrong with me. funny, I have been wondering that very same thing.


  1. i thought perhaps i missed the swap.

    i so need to build a contraption. it's on my list and driving me crazy because i can't seem to get to it. looking forward to your tutorial. i am a mother, so i'm sure i'll love it.

  2. there is nothing wrong with you!
    perhaps, an end of summer, welcome fall postcard swap is better, anyway...i think you might be onto something.
    i'm a much bigger fan of fall.

  3. So will it be a fall swap? That is fine with me...just anxiously waiting! :)

  4. So will it be a fall swap? That is fine with me...just anxiously waiting! :)

  5. nope...nothing wrong. it's the coaster of life...and you ride it well. the swap shall be a friggin' blast whenever you get around to sorting the hundreds of names on the list. we are thankful for your efforts. and...may i JUST say that this may just be my fave pic EVER??? i'm hopping on over to flickr right NOW to see it BIG and if there are other new ones you've posted. yummy. :)

  6. Thank you for the photo inspiration. I've had a decent amount of experience with film and digital cameras over the years, but oh! Playing around with the whole digital + twin-lens reflex camera contraption is luring me! I love the shots you've posted, and I'm looking forward to your tutorial. Thanks again!

  7. Your blog is my new favourite!
    /Maria from Sweden

  8. oh i am just so loving this + i can't wait for the tutorial. i have a whole collection of cameras to play with!

    also, girlfriend. re the swap, don't you worry 'bout a thing. if it's an end of the year thing, that'd be just fine. xo

  9. seriously, let's swap summer postcards in december, when it's all cold and gloomy. summer color in the post box would surely brighten a winter's day. and would be a nice break from the ubiquitous holiday cards.

    love your ttv. the view is clear even with the flecks and scratches.

  10. I just snapped up a duaflex on ebay and am so excited to try it out. I can't wait for your tutorial, it's perfect timing for me. Any suggestions on how to build a contraption?

  11. I have loved your blog- my new favorite... Love the summer pic== hate the end of summer. thanks

  12. Hi Andrea, fall swap is fine (even better) with me, especially because this summer I've been working on other big projects (house renovation: lots of dreaming, color samples, painting, and dreaming again of new sofas... and looking for new sofas...). Plus, I absolutely love fall.
    Thank you for your energy and inspiration!

  13. summer = good
    autumn = better
    winter = not so good, postcards will help
    looking forward to the swap, whatever the theme, whatever the season

  14. you have a really great eye.

    i've got three little brownie hawkeyes that i'm going to try with.

  15. Summer may be unofficially over, but in reality, the official first day of fall isn't until September 22nd! I'm hanging on to every last bit :)

  16. i figured the postcard swap will happen. in the meantime, i've been able to gather some great supplies.

  17. Hi!

    Love your blog.

    How do you get the black trim on your photos. Is it from photoshop?

    Plus are you on a mac or pc?

    Sorry for the random Q's!

    Tracey ;) England x

  18. ooh i'm excited for duaflex monday. so is my duaflex that has been sitting on the shelf with all my other cameras for far too long. i miss it and needed this reminder of how amazing ttv is to get back at it!

  19. i was wondering if you could tell me if my blog words and arrangement of words is difficult to read. i just need a boost. because someone left on my blog a nasty comment and it made me sad. the essence of the comment was that the person could not understand my writing. and that i needed to go back to school. ouch. please just send some love.

  20. hello friend.
    you and ttv are a good thing

  21. well here on the other side of the world it is just beginning to get ready for spring!!! It is my birthday in two days and everyone is so happy (in my head I think they are happy for me because it is my birthday soon, but really I think it's spring they are happy about)

    What is this postcard swap thing about? I love sending postcards, am I aloud to join in or am I too far away?


  22. Hello,
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    I was wondering if you actually take the photo with a wideformat film camera or if you use a digital frame to modify the photo (black frame).
    If so, would you mind posting where I could get a hold of it. I really like this look.
    Thank you, Sarah

  23. Whew. I too thought I had missed the swap so I am pleased to hear I have not. I had already made summer postcards but it was so much fun that I'm more than willing to make more for whatever theme you indicate. :) Thanks for the update. Norma.

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have just solved my old camera/old film/developing issues that have kept me from using my old top viewer cameras.

  25. hi Andrea. Be calm lovely. It's nearly summer in Australia (where I live). I'm getting excited about summer, so a swap is perfect. I'm looking forward to spreading some tropical Queensland sunshine with the other swappers. xx

  26. love this shot. my daughter also has this suit!
    see it here-
    : )
    and I am soooooo getting one of those cameras. it's all i can think about. : )

  27. thanks so much, everyone! for the kind words but also for being so understanding and patient about this postcard swap deal. can't tell you how much that means to me.

    hopefully, I'll have a ttv post up here tomorrow that help people get started but until then, let me answer some questions:

    tracey from england-- when you shoot through the viewfinder of a twins reflex camera, you get a small image surrounded by a lot of black. the black border comes from the way I crop them in iphoto (I use a mac)... I rarely use photoshop (though I'd love to learn). hope that helps!

    sarah-- I don't actually load up these medium format cameras (although I have plans too-- I found a place that will re-spool 120 film to fit). currently, I use my DSLR to shoot through the viewfinder of said med. format cameras. I'll be posting much more about it tomorrow, including where you might be able to find one of these cameras. check back for information (still working on gathering it).

  28. perfect picture, picture perfect!

    hello from indonesia