17 April 2008

number 5

not writing so much lately. but only because I've been busy crossing things off the list. I'm telling you, my head is really in the game. inspiration wires, you are finally hung. look at you, making the dark recesses of the basement shine like a room filled with late afternoon sunlight. late afternoon sun is best. hello, number five. hello, inspiration. hello, happy. maybe I can finally get some work done now.

some of what hangs on the wires:

pages from really old interview magazines

colors that rhyme: ava's drawings of bubbles and rainbows

atlanta graffiti

trisha brown as seen through the eyes of robert rauschenberg on the pages of (the sadly now defunct) dance ink magazine

original collage by friend ryan coleman, artist and graffiti writer extraordinaire

little bit of cy twombly

little bit of margaret kilgallen

dear mati rose's elephant

old placemat from the thrift store


  1. nice to meet you.
    your blog is sunshine.
    i have a list of sunshine and i know you need to be on it.

    i read huffmania, then found you.

    happy day.

    i like your 37 before 38. it has inspired.

  2. i love crossing things off. feels so good! i need a wall of inspiration. but first i need to collect bits of inspiration. important step.

    keep it going, andrea. can't wait to see what else comes out of this spurt of energy.

  3. I'm loving the inspiration wires!

    I just turned 30 and feel like I need my own list. Oh! and thanks for introducing me to the photobooth at the Ace.

  4. i love that mati rose elephant, i have been wanting to order a print. it looks great up on the good old wall of art.

  5. love your inspiration wires (and your tin can organizational system!). i've been wanting to do something just like this.

  6. thanks for intoducing me to Margaret Kilgallen. Your inspiration wires are inspiring!