28 March 2008

photobooth friday

photobooth friday
(from the new york strips, november 2006)

ah, such big plans for the photobooth this month. plans for headstands in the booth (a la matt) and complicated, contorted body poses plus maybe holding ezra upside down. which he would have totally been game for (no extra coercing necessary). 'twas not to be, my friends. just didn't make it down to the booth. hey, but some people did:

some are from this month's challenge, others are long-time favorites who initially inspired the faceless theme. really I just love seeing those displaced limbs all over the place.

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particularly loving wendy's belly. and from the marvelous scrumdillydilly: maryjanes, balloons and pink slinkies. a splendid little hip tattoo from acumamakiki. so much more here. stay tuned for the new challenge. april is for fools. I'm just sayin.

happy friday, world.


  1. awesome. awesome.
    I smooch you, lovey.
    And thanks for overlooking the partial face action :)

  2. I like your blog.


  3. It's ok. I feel like I can't really demand anyone else fulfill their self-imposed photo/posting standards when I can't seem to fulfill my own.

    If you missed a photo, it must've been because you were too busy living. Right?

    Live on, Beautiful.

  4. I saw your photos in Life Images, but it was the peasant blouse one I loved, along with your writings. So I googled and found your blog! I'm really enjoying reading it and must stop and go back to work.

  5. I have been reading your blog for a while and now I have a question.

    I'd love to participate in Photobooth Friday. Should I just post my photobooth photos to my blog? I tried to figure out how to add/join the Flickr group and didn't get it. :(


  6. hey les! exceptions must be made. especially with PB frames like yours, dahlink.

    mamashift, thank you so much!

    teensleuth, yes -- busy living. an understatement of sorts. :)

    toni, thank you so much. so glad you found your way here!

    hey maggie! would love to have you as a photobooth friday particpator... please feel free to post them to your blog! you can email me (email option on my profile page) and let me know when you've posted one so I can link you up. as for joining the flickr group, you're not the first one to have that problem. I'm assuming you're a flickr member? if not, that'd be the first step. if you already have a flickr account and you're still having problems (and still interested in joining), email me and I'd be happy to walk you through it! always room for another in the group. :)