15 February 2008

photobooth friday

hey world, I still like you. I'm feeling better about you today.

hey people, thank you. all those kind comments you've been leaving have really softened things. you are my people and I like you too.

but you-- you I like. I more than like you, I like like you. and not just because you made things all better yesterday. although, I will say that leaving bright yellow flowers on the night stand right next to the bed so that they'd be the first thing I'd see the moment I woke up was an ace move. impossible to maintain that hate-the-world hangover when you wake up to an eyeful of the most ridiculously optimistic color of yellow ever. and-- very clever how you stuck them in the zippered pocket of that old suitcase. which I absolutely love, by the way. pink and orange flowers? yes please. have I told you how much I love it? I am going on a little trip just so I can break that thing in. hey, you should conduct a little workshop for husbands. maybe a saturday afternoon deal. nothing too formal. just saying. yes, you I like.

hey, lookie:

barb's fantastically thorough post on photobooths-- holy smokes, that there is some stellar linkage. thank ye kindly, barb.

splendid examples of february's challenge (text in the photobooth), clickityclick: jek, assignme, fowlhead, asapeka, animeoncesaid, koreana, lesophie and lucyjan. nice work, friends.

and there's more (always more) in the PBF flickr group. I know you probably already know that, but I still have to say it. it's what I do.

also: thank you, joy. the above signage came from you, do you remember? I love that thing so stinking much.


  1. yes, you I like, too. glad you liked the suitcase and flowers. they were screaming out your name, they were.


  2. i noticed you too like photo booth pictures and wondered if you have ever been to www.squareamerica.com it has loads of found photographs that they categorize into series. they are quite lovely.

  3. and we all like you, too.
    more sunny flowers and a trip for you soon too (howza bout down my way hmmm?)

  4. Hello! I've never commented on your blog, but I check in on it at least once a week.. I really enjoy it. :) I just got super excited to see you in the Artful Blogging Magazine!!! How awesome for you!!! I really need to start a new blog. I had one this summer while studying abroad (www.jeninrome.blogspot.com) and now I need a new one... trying to think of a name... hehe. Keep up the good work!! :)


  5. I don't even know how I stumbled across your flickr site, but I must say that it has been bookmarked and I look at it everytime I am feeling the need for inspiration.
    You are the exact Mother I wish to become. Living life expressed in art and creativity. And involving your children! It's amazing. Thank you for choosing to live your life in this extraordinary way! It goes above and beyond the norm, and is truely a gift.
    And greetings from Australia!
    God bless,

  6. I mentioned (hmmm, hid) you in my book club post today!

  7. oh this post made me smile!...a big bright smile...

  8. Well you I love.
    Thanks for all the great encouragment of late. When I learn how to ship iced, red velvet cake, you're first on the list.

  9. you guys are too cute. you've got winners in each other for sure :)

  10. ok. i never comment on blogs. i can't resist anymore. every single post is terrific, but i especially luuuuurve your posts that relate to you and your husband. Is it weird that i've read your anniversary post more than once? ok, like 5 times. It's just that i can relate and it is so cleverly and well written. And this post which encompasses so much of how it should be. too good.

  11. i like you too.
    and i like it here.
    it is so chic and funky.


    mccabe x

  12. it is Sunday and it just happens
    to be my favorite day of the week ~
    i saw your blog in Artful Blogger
    and was just so darned impressed with
    your photos and cheery
    writing with the wink in
    your smile:)

  13. That husband is one to hold on to. I like a man who can suss what's at work in your head & act accordingly. Actually, I think yellow flowers and vintage suitcases should appear by the bedside on a regular basis.

  14. Oh man I remember having those signs that we used to use in the car when I was a teen. There were blank pages so you could write your own messages too. FUN memories!!! Don't you just love the weather we're having~~~~~~ It's soooooooo beautiful. We needed a break from the grey rain. It will be back but I'll take what the sun wants to give us now. :)

  15. I am embarrassingly behind the times and just ran across this project, but I have to say, it's such a great idea!