02 March 2007

photobooth friday

I always think of my great aunt louraine around this time of year. she was born on the first day of spring and embodies all things spring-like. she sings little songs with odd melodies and funny words. she wears blouses the color of daffodils and lipstick the color of the pinkest tulips. she takes special notice of birds and little flowers. she charms everyone at the nursing home and still knows how to flirt like a pro (I swear). she is my breath of fresh air.

more photobooth friday lovelies:

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  1. what a charming description of your auntie... and i just love hand tinted photos...

  2. Lovely! Your description makes me want to know her ... I love this image and the one from last March ... very pretty.

    You are so lucky to have all these personal photo strips! My (non-family)collection is gone anyway, but when I had it, it comprised 95% of all the strips I had.

    Next week (if I don't forget it's Friday, which is what happened this week), I finally have another to contribute! And I was trolling the photobooth.net site to see about local booths ... when it warms up a bit I'll have to go scouting in NYC.

  3. she's so gorgeous, and what a tribute.