20 January 2006

photobooth friday

announcing: photobooth fridays.

because I love photobooths and I love fridays. I think the two should kiss and become like, the hot new couple on campus. if you haven't already figured it out, I am unnaturally obsessed with photobooths. am thinking that this weekly feature might be just the thing for my borderline kooky fixation. I'll be pulling goodies from my ever-growing collection of both personal and vintage found photobooth snapshots. will blissfully share with all who are willing to revel in 35 years of photobooth love.

you likies? you are my new best friend. though I am probably the only one who remembers this. and this. if you are feeling it, then lookie here and here. and here. and for the best little photobooth snapshot in the whole wide world, please, I am begging you. look at this. and if you need more, photobooth.net is the joint. and there's always the flickr photobooth group. am thinking I may occasionally post little beauties from one of my favorite books. too good not too share.

just tryna get my photobooth on yo. a girl needs to have some fun.


  1. what a fabulous obsession...I absolutely adore the one of Ezra, I imagine you scrunched down at the bottom holding him in place and doing whatever you can to get him to laugh...just dandy!

  2. i love, love, love this!!! what a fabulous idea!!!! share away girlie! i'd love to see what ya got!

  3. i have to say,
    i'm not sure how i found your blog
    and i have had you in my favorites
    for a bit
    just popping in every now and then,
    but today i got to go back and
    really read some of your stuff
    the result?
    too funny
    and the stuff you wrote about your
    mom and dad....nearly made me cry
    and the pictures
    and the funniness
    and the stuff in common...
    i just hadda say how much i liked it

  4. HOW FUN!!! I loved ALL the photobooth pictures! The ones of you and your mom and so amazing! What a treasure to have those pictures! The scariest picture ever taken of me was taken in a photobooth. I was with Glam Jo and she looks a little frightened. I look like either her scary boyfriend...or an alien. But the picture makes me LAUGH SO HARD!!! Maybe one Friday...I will share it in the Photo Booth FUN!

  5. This pic of Ward...HILARIOUS!

    I luv U and Ur posts!

  6. fridays will be much funner from now on..... xox

  7. Count me in as a huge fan.

  8. I LOVE THIS PICTURE AND I LOVE PHOTOBOOTHS!!! I don't normally type in all caps, but I was just so excited.

    Great site, I love reading your blogs and am officially "de-lurking". :)

  9. THIS IS GREAT ANDREA! and this post was cracking my ass up! ha ha!

  10. ps. I am going to play along too today at my blog! he he!hope that's alrighty with you?

  11. What a fantastic idea!! I love photobooths as well! I almost rented a photobooth for my wedding, that's how much I love them!

  12. Firstly, ME LIKIES SO MUCHO, man!! Great pic of Ward. He looks hot (can I say that?) And your parents; I love them. Ask them if they want another grown kid. And Ezra - holy! I want to eat him.

    Secondly, where are you finding these booths? I only ever see the lame, color, let's add a butterfly at the bottom booths.

  13. OMG! I have loved photobooths my whole life. I think I have a world of teeny tiny photos. What a wonderful idea you have!!!!

  14. ok andrea...

    can i play too? how do i find a photobooth?

    i think we need photobooth locator dot com...or something...

  15. hello!?!?!?!?! what a fabulous idea!! and now a whole new reson to look forward to my favorite day of the week. amelie' would love you.

  16. You are so unique! What a great idea. Funny how it brings back your childhood.

  17. Ok, Andrea, I am down for the PBF Revolution. I'm on hunt for a local booth, but in the meantime I found a couple old ones that I forgot I had. They really are about as flattering a picture as one can take. Great idea!! I'm on board, girl.

  18. I'm hoping that people don't realize that I'm really an undercover narcotics agent on assignment deep within the seedy world of fashion.

    And madness, you make me blushies. Thanks.

    Andrea, I knew that people would dig this idea of yours. Can't wait to see what everyone puts up.

  19. well, you are all my new best friends! no, really! thank you for indulging me. thanks for leaving such sweet words for me to read. and I'd like to officially put the call out there... to anyone else who'd like to join the photobooth friday revolution...! post em up, people! and don't forget to tell me about it. I'll try to to put a reminder up on thursday night... and if you are looking for photobooths (jenny and danette), check that link I posted, photoboth.net.... there's a locator on the site! happy photobooth hunting!

    abby marie, yes! you have it right. ward was scrunched down at the bottom, holding ezra up and I was off to the side trying to get him to look into the camera! it was a crazy scene!

    gkgirl... thank you SO MUCH! I'm honored by your kind words, thrilled to pieces that you so enjoy your time here. can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment! made my day.

    AJ, I want to see that photobooth pic of yours! post it some friday... or any day...! I promise, I'll post a real crazy-looking one of me in return some friday. and it will be dedicated to you... :)

    pixie, no one understands more than me... PHOTOBOOTH ENTHUSIASM REQUIRES CAPS. and thanks for the sweet words and thanks for de-lurking... :)

    hello, my house is cuter than yours, (I love the name of your blog, just LOVE it)... anyway, thanks for playing along! loved your photobooth pic and hope to see more!

    katie, I was recently at my husband's office christmas party where they'd rented a (color) photobooth for the occasion. I swear, it was the most fun thing ever. if I had my wedding to do over again, there's not very much I would change BUT I would have a photobooth! ha, maybe we'll have a big anniversary party and get one...! oh, and I love your icon!

    madness, so glad you likies. and let me tell ya, you made ward's day. (that 'aw shucks' grin you put on his face makes your comment totally okay, hee hee). he does look hot, doesn't he? I'm about to email you about finding a photobooth. and I'm so glad you found some old ones to post up for next friday...

    again, thanks everyone, for sharing in the photobooth love.


  20. I LOVE photobooths ... taking pictures in them, finding strips of others' pics, etc.

    It started with the (color, but old school) photobooth at the Woolworth's where my best girlfriend and I used to blow our allowance on milkshakes and make-up and junk (around 1980-83) and grew from there.

    A local Mexican place has a b/w booth where I did the pictures for last year's xmas card ... http://static.flickr.com/42/89511470_e7b88b6e01_o.jpg

    ...it's just down the road and I'm all for a weekly trip!

  21. erp! Sorry you have to cut & paste that ... I'm very forgetful about inserting tags! Anyway it's top in my flickr photostream right now (ticky tacky).

  22. it looks like there must be a gene for photobooth obsessions that was passed down to you from your mom.
    I love the idea. can't wait to see all your crazy booth pix.

  23. I have photobooth pictures of my mom and I too! Have you done the photo booths that make stickers? What about the ones that morph you into an animal? Oh ya they exist. If you ever bred with a collie or a hamster you could get a rough idea about what your kids would look like.

  24. love photo booth images - especially where you get 4 different pics - we don't have any near us - very sad state of affairs

  25. oh oh - i can only imagine what kind of monster is going to become of this! but what a lovely lovely monster! EXTRACOOLIO IDEA!!!!!

  26. i too am a photobooth junkie! i have over 200 strips and have booth parties often! wanna swap a strip? we can theme it up or challenge each other...maybe? i love yer strips yer blog and your personality, muy nifty can we be friends?

  27. love this idea! there is definitely something intriguing about photobooth pics. but come to think of it, i haven't seen a photobooth in years... now i wonder if we have any around here?

    reading about your parents... wow, it makes me want to be a better parent so that my daughters have such wonderful memories and thoughts of me when they look back on their childhood.

    so then, i'm off the computer to go be silly with my littles :)