22 September 2005

getting me through the week

the quiet of night, the music of mum, striped socks with high heels, the sunflowers ward brought home last night, my friend poppy, long walks in the neighborhood (making dances in my head), frozen chocolate kisses, real life knee-buckling kisses, the work of this brilliant artist, making shrinky dinks and collages with the ava-girl, these words by bill t. jones (oh, please indulge me and listen), a brand new flirty skirt, this hilarious blog entry about spiders, the occasional piece of glitter I find on my body, fake accents, polka dots, dried cherries, spotting butterflies on the walk home from school (they're EVERYWHERE), these magnificent photos, ezra eating (wearing) cottage cheese, really truly dancing again, ava's pink converse all-star high tops, the 'loopy loopy love' song by the brunettes, new art supplies and a new moleskin journal, the planning of a trip to new york, the promise of a parking lot carnival, knowing that I am a child of God, the idea that people can rock the mic.

yes, I'd like to know. what is it for you?


  1. truthfully, Pretty much God... cause other things are going crazy in life. And it is nice being home and sharing Owen. It is nice to have family to give me a break. I guess also being up north where the weather isn't as tough.

  2. music on the iPod, the old sketchbook (also a moleskin... they're the best), the thought of the weekend, making stupid jokes with Amanda, early mornings, knowing that Fall is just around the corner... and candy corn.

  3. zabs-- god pretty much trumps all of the above, and I'm so glad you're enjoying being home (no place like home).

    jared-- where would I be without my ipod? and by the way, you're the reason I am currently ga ga over the loopy loopy love song (I think ward got that song from you, no?)... oh, and candy corn. so good. so good.

  4. my mom-the number one thing! I love everything and quirk about her even when I do get a bit annoyed w/ her at times, she makes me laugh and puts me in a great mood; emailing; kind of cheesey (perhaps to some) music-jessica and ashlee simpson, josh grobin, celine dion, dixie chix, cristina aguilera, jewel; a hug; visiting ur blog; watching the Dead Like Me, Monk, and/or The Golden Girls; friends and inspirational uplifting people, not the cheesey hokey type, but people who are real, genuine, themselves, and who are understanding, accepting, & respectful of others and their current place/role in life.

  5. chocolate.

    [i'm too tired to be serious!]

  6. may i just say i like these posts - "getting me through the week" (great idea - as it makes one think about good stuff vs negative) and that bill t jones' words were spot on! (cool link). and before i get on with mine - i am so much liking that margaret kilgallen's work - O-M-G! lovelovelove it! and that mum site was extraordinary! frozen chocolate kisses sound fantastic! and what are shrinky dinks?

    ok so...getting me through this week is, a friendship blooming, really bad for you cheesies earl brought home for himself this week. my pipecleaner bracelet (noah made), my black long but thin fabric turtleneck, hi5 (gives me a half hour to play), some old picture books i found that were being thrown out. and reading books backwards with noah makes his laugh so worth it.

  7. First - I'm impressed that you have so many things to list.....I'm in awe.

    Here's my short list - that I had to think long and hard about.

    -Ryan's eyes
    -Microsoft Office at half-price
    -Diet Sunkist

  8. lots of wonderous things...yay for a new moleskin :)

    ive been wanting to get shrinky dinky with my toddler too :) gotta some supplies....

  9. I LOVE your list--and yes, I agree with zabs and your--God trumps all. I think I will blog my list sometime this weekend. I love the idea!

  10. Getting a seat on my morning subway commute, the waitress at the diner that always waits on me and calls me "my dear", the IPod, checking my email on my cel phone, the milkshakes at Island Burger, pay day, taking naps on park benches and checking out the super-hot doormen at The W Hotel.

  11. the little fountain in the courtyard outside my window, feeling the first hints of autumn in the air, friends that really truly care, walks downtown, the public library and all it's riches inside, $1 lottery tickets bought every now and then cause you never know :), smells of incense, canada dry lime sparkling water and knowing that God is in control

  12. elisabeth anne-- yes, my mom helps me get through the week, every week (seems like). moms are good that way.

    lisa-- sometimes chocolate is all you need.

    jan-- so glad you enjoyed the links (which I take as a high compliment, coming from the queen of all cool linkage). knew you would love m. kilgallen's work! as for shrinky dinks, well-- they are sheets of clear plastic that you draw on. then you cut out your design/drawing, stick it in the oven for five minutes and it shrinks into a tiny hard plastic object. great for making kids' jewelry, or window hangings. plus, it's just really cool to watch them shrivel up in the oven (ava loves it... I bet noah would, too)... they were a big deal for me growing up (can't you tell?)... and how I love your list!

    glam jo-- sometimes the short lists are the best ones.

    jenny-- yes, I highly recommend the shrinky dinks!

    molly-- looking forward to your list...!

    klahd-- oh, klahd. yay! so good to see you here. wish I was there. and of course, I loved your list. thanks for playing. I may see you in november.

    meridith-- I ALWAYS love your lists...