18 April 2005

you (light up my life)

I am in love with this man because:

he allows me to do things like place random green lampshades on his head.

he allows me to take photos of him with random green lampshades on his head.

he never (EVER) burns pancakes, eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches.

I could go on and on here, but the above items definitely made the top ten. more of this list to come as I uncover additional adorably humiliating and sweet photos to post of the one I call LOV-ERRRR.


  1. Wow, my man will only tolerate bunny ears and flowers behind his ears for about 30 seconds, so your picture is impressive. Really enjoying your blog...I too am 34 with a wild 4 year old girl and little baby man. Keep writing.

  2. Wait a sec -- you mean to tell me that that was a lampshade??? You told me it was the latest in hats and that all the kids these days were wearing them! *grumble grumble....*

    Oh, and thank you. You light up my life, too. xoxo

  3. Very cute! Lucky you! And doesn't burn a thing - wow! I burn everything and I don't know if my better half does or not cause he doesn't cook very often.......

    Great writing (you are good at this)! Enjoying your blog daily!


  4. i love the random lampshade photo...thanks for commenting on my blog AND for getting the bottlerocket reference! that made my day :)

    "on the run from johnny law, it ain't no trip to cleveland"

  5. "He said he loved you..."
    "He said he loved you..."
    "Was he translating?"

    "You're in the Army, yes?"
    "No, I just have short hair."

  6. Laughing out loud. I like the way you think.

    "when I was a kid I used to wonder what caused thunder."

  7. You guys... You are why I haven't given up on finding true love.

  8. So i was sitting here giggling and am so so happy that you two have that "twuuuu wuvvvv" (say like the wedding Priest in "Princess Bride') as Sean as i do. God is wonderfully perfect in picking pairs don'tcha think?

    Side note: Andrea, was telling Donovan about the 'what if' game...

    So...here's one for ya
    What if: The Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about? :)

  9. Isn't he cute? There is something about this blog that makes me giggle every time I read it. Kinda hard to giggle when you're my age, but you've made it possible. And the quote from heatherrabbitt about "twuu wuuv" from Princess Bride - I almost choked. Funnyfunnyfunny. Love it.

  10. melissa, so glad you're enjoying my ramblings... (!) sounds like we are traveling down very similar paths (of mama-hood). I'll keep writing if you keep visiting... jan, I burn everything, too. no matter how hard I try, I burn almost everything. meredith, anything for a fellow bottlerocket fan... 'just a little girl... a little girl from paraguay...' I could quote that movie all day long. heather, what if: what if someone paid you a thousand dollars to wear a dress made of spatulas to the mall, but you couldn't tell anybody why you were doing it? what if? would you do it? carlene, always happy to be the source of any and all giggling...

    and ward- ca-caw! ca-caw! xxoo right back at ya.

  11. Love this!!!
    Great post! You made me laugh---can only imagine what the people on the street were thinking....:)

    Love it!