30 March 2005

hello world

and so here I am. I miss writing, I miss this voice and so I find myself here. truth be told, I prefer the satisfaction that comes from putting pen to paper (black pilot pens on clean white paper, nothing like it in all the world) but I'm spilling out all over the place these days. why not spill a little here? my life is a mess and you know what? I'm tired of trying to keep it neat and clean and tidy. I'm not sure I want the bloggity-blog world of bloggers to read and comment on the messiness but here I am, all the same. does anyone out there care? do I really care if anyone cares? I can honestly say that I don't. what interests me most is the having of this space, the freedom to throw words and ideas around.


  1. Hi Andrea, I've decided to do the same! I care if you Care.

  2. Well, first I am very happy that you have taken the plunge into this incredible world of blogs. Not only because I have one of my own, and that now we have something else to share and talk about, but mostly because you possess that rare talent of the written word, and I've been wanting you to be able to share this talent with the world. Your writing skills are unmatched in my book and I cannot wait to see what magnificent lyrical gems you have in store for us, your audience. Whether this audience consists of one or of many, you will certainly shine. You are a brilliant woman raising two brilliant kids, and I love you dearly. Love, me.

  3. You're my idol. I'm proud of you! Love, Amy

  4. I can't believe that we are soul mates:) I have said that EXACT same line before: "I prefer the satisfaction that comes from physically putting pen to paper (black pilot pens to clean white paper- there is nothing like it in all of the world)" Freaky!

    I'm excited to start this journey with you! Blog away sistah listah!

    (did you and ward used to watch tech tv when it was good? There was a segment on the screen savers where they had lists of websites, and they called Megan when she did the lists "sister lister" so I call people that.....) Random!

  5. Hey, Hon! I'm excited about your new blog. I agree with Ward - you are a superwoman at words! I can testify to that by all the wonderful cards you and Ward have given me over the years. I'm looking forward to your insight and brilliance! (and quite selfishly, updates on my fantastic grandbabies:) Love you and wish you the best!

  6. Ok, so i am getting a little edgy becasue i cannot FIND my Stereo Lab CD.....maybe Sean has it ..........they played Sudsy's back in the day and are extremely nice and didn't drink very much. I always remember a band by the drinks...go figure...
    Hey, i just pulled out my addy book and found their address...or at least Mary's. Kinda like an autograph book with all the info i got in there...
    She was living in London at the time...1995ish?
    an eternity ago. 3 babies ago...i am so domesticated now that when i talk i talk in baby calendars...like "when we were pregnant with _____ and after we just had________........ wierd.
    Anyhoo, i am liking this blog thang ya got going on here...might just have to up and copycat you. Oh, really like i have time. I forgot, i have 4 kids and i homeschool! silly me! But i am glad to comment on yours...
    miss and love ya
    yeah..........i love using the ............'s sorry........it's my "pauser thing"
    SIGH :)

  7. That was not at all stream of consciousness.

    It's good to see you up in here, Heather. Say hello to the bebes for me.

  8. thanks for all the encouragement. I have been feeling a little vulnerable about puuting myself out there... so used to my own private journals, so this feels strange. but loving the encouraging words, everybody!

  9. Hey there Andrea, Well, I always thought at some point you might do some kind of writing. I am thinking back to you being one of two chosen out of your 5th & 6th grade classes to go to the state "young authors" conference in Springfield. I was a rather proud mother wondering, (along with every other parent there), what your future would be in writing. Well, now that you have had some unique and challenging experiences as a woman you can certainly share them with the world or at least with any who care to read about them up to this point. I look so forward to reading what you choose to share.

  10. i get lost in your blog. its stimulating & inspiring in so many ways. u take me from one place to the next with your links and lists a frenzy. ah, i could spend weeks here. so i'm going to start at the beginning and work my way up. because i'm dizzied by all that you have to offer. wow & thank u!
    p.s. i'm a sucker for a good list!!!

  11. great beginning this first post