09 June 2006

photobooth friday

(me and a five month-old ezra in december of 2004-- city museum, st. louis-- I love that hat)

a certain scrappy little cat (ezra) turns two this weekend. oh yes, there will be a cake to bake, red and white streamers to hang willy-nilly, toys to wrap in shiny red paper. I am resisting the urge to go overboard (like this, or this) but I think most of us know how the scene will play out.

at three in the morning when I am desperately trying to figure out how to construct a car-shaped cake, ward will beg me to keep it all in perspective. and to that, I will reply:

"dude, come on. it's what you pay me for."

this is an inside joke-- these are words that often cause ward to bristle but I say it with love, I do. I really do. actually, I'm a little bananas over the whole party thing. I love to dream up themes and figure out how to pull off the decorations. I like to bake cakes. the gift-wrapping talent runs deep in my blood, yo. I think maybe I could have done this for a living, but money always ruins everything so I do it for love. I do it for the ones I love.

and the love I have for ezra is indescribable and unmatched. people, I worked HARD to bring this little man into the world so you better believe there's going to be a party. he's a wonder to be celebrated which is why my inspiration sort of takes off in a mad, glittery frenzy and ends up somewhere near the moon.

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  1. Awww... so precious. And I can so hear you saying,"Oooooh" they way moms do when their little ones are fussy for a picture!

    (I totally say,"That's what you pay me for.", too!)

  2. this is the stinkin' cutest. more nina-awkward-high-school-days over at my spot!


  3. oooh...your sweet Ez is just adorable. Love this photo. And what a blast you'll have with the party...just remember to keep it real. ;) (Something I often tell myself to tone it down. Hee).

  4. damn, girl, you know how to throw a bash.

    seriously, when I have kids I am calling to consult you on the rockin' kids party.

    thanks for always sharing. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Ez! Your dedication is wonderful and it's pretty dern fun too! Hope you all have a billion pics to share!

  6. i love how much you love your children! you are amazing.
    your expression in this picture is priceless, too.
    you are so full of love and life, andrea.

  7. I think maybe I could have done this for a living, but money always ruins everything so I do it for love. I do it for the ones I love.

    Wow! What a wonderful was to phrase something that I've found to be true, over and over... You got a beautiful voice, my dear.


  8. rawking the photobooth friday: http://kmays.blogspot.com/2006/06/photobooth-friday.html

    Here's one of my few photobooth pics!
    I love checking out this feature each week. I looked at your party pics! Dang! I want to be your kid! You have inspired my to make my husband's birthday more fun!

  9. what a cute pic! i love that hat :)

    it's so easy to get carried away with the parties!

    my husband tries to intervene and i always say "hey, he/she is only going to be (insert appropriate age) once!!!"

  10. I can't believe how long it took me to get over here to say !!HOORAY!! Ez is two!!!

    Also, A, can you throw my bday party this year?

    Have a good one, good Mama :)

  11. happiest of birthdays to Ez...good luck with the cake, and can't wait to see pics of all the festivities!

  12. Happy Birthday to Ezra and I wish I had a mama like you to throw such spectacular parties! I also wish I had the gift-wrapping gene, I truly suck at package presentation. Have fun!!

  13. Yes, yes, yes -- our babies need to be celebrated! They also need to learn how to celebrate well. great post, mama.

  14. Love this blog.... and loved the party pictures! You are a chip off the old block and a grrrrrrrrrrrreat mom! Ava and Ez are sumthin!