16 June 2006


well, I went a little crazy with all the photographs but it's friday and the color is red. I couldn't help myself, really. hooray for fresh strawberries, new red shoes, shirts with red sequined hearts (and the ava-girl who wears them), vintage rose-covered tablecloths and daily graffiti. hooray for fridays.

(nance-- this is a little bit for you, since red is so your color)

thanks to port2port for this week's inspiration. I just might keep going with this whole daily color thing. anyone else out there with me?


  1. Love the pics (and the shoes!). I would be up for keeping the color thing going... any ideas?

  2. I am SO with you but that should come as no surprise!
    This color week has been such a juicy satisfaction for me. I wish there was a site dedicated to it like self portrait challenge so I could make sure I saw each and every one...hmmmm.

    Your photos have been stunning this week but they normally are(yay you got called out for that stunning shot of Ava!) .

    And I need to get those shoes, chica! Do tell...

  3. Dang! I am a sucker for red- especially the graffiti. I do love me some graffiti. I love how it will sneak up on you- one day its not there, the next a little red tag is peeking out at you.

  4. yes, go crazy with the red! it's great as are all your week's photos. loved visiting.

  5. I love that the hippy tablecloth beneath the strawberries is also red! I covet your shoes and I have a sim. if not exact tablecloth as yours!
    I would love to play color theme with you.....

  6. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I love the passionate brightness of red!

  7. oh, I would love to do the color thing! I'm disappointed I missed it this week...

  8. how fun, i would love to do the daily colors if i could keep up with it. i love these shots

  9. Ohhhhh! I love today's color! RED! And these are great shots to illustrate it's awesomeness as a color.

    Did you know our eyes are most sensitive to the color red?

    Did you know that women can actually differentiate more shades of the color red than men? (I'm jealous!)

    Perhaps that's linked to why it's rare for a female to be colorblind.

    I guess women really do see some things differently!

    Keep up the color stuff, it's great thing to overdose on. Your color series also reminds me a bit of that scene from the 80's movie "Mask". Remember when he's using textured objects to describe colors to the blind girl? Wow, what an 80's moment I just created!

  10. such eyepopping vivid loveliness.

    and those shoes are red- H O T.

    happy summer Andrea!

  11. you captured this weeks colors so beautifully! thanks for the inspiration :)

  12. Yes, the shoes...I am still wanting them and I often go online and ALMOST purchase, but then I think, maybe I could just go to the mall and buy, but then I never make it to the mall.

    Love the pictures. They are even better since our visit though, cause I can imagine them being taken, know what I mean?

    Speaking of 80's moments, Lisa and I went to see Poison and Cinderella in concert last night! Hahahahahaha, it was a hoot! Lots of headbanging and arm waving, (with lighter in hand).

    Miss you. Beth

  13. I just found this! LOVE your photos! I started a color week of my own today. If you have one, I'd love to join it, too.

    If anyone is interested, you can read today's post on my blog for my list of colors and days.

  14. i can't pick a fav... and i love the order too....