18 June 2006

party people in the house say HO

party people were in the house last week. ezra is now officially two years plus seven days old (take a lookie at the all festivities here-- the car-shaped cake, the horn-blowing and fingers in the icing, it's all there). I stayed true, kept it low-key, I kept it real. yes I did, party people. I also managed to dazzle the birthday boy AND slip in a full nights' sleep, miracle of all miracles. and the red streamers-- they will hang (droop) in the dining room for months to come as testament. the polka-dotted bowl filled with feathered party horns will be left out for any future houseguests like happy candy. plus, I like to look at it all, I like the pretty colors. and secretly, I will laugh at all the Tall People who have to duck under each time they pass through the party room. because the Tall People are coming to the house in droves. the Tall People: my husband, my brother. and the Tall People really aren't that tall.

speaking of colors and parties, I'm continuing on with it all this week. I'm like the person who shows up right in the middle of a really fantastic party and then refuses to leave once everyone has gone home. a while back, I stumbled onto this (the internet is all about stumbling and getting lost). absolutely brilliant idea and since it was the original gig that kicked off these whole week-long color parties we've been having, I found it most appropriate to revisit. so, thank you shash, port2port and stephanie-- thanks for the inspiration. I'm not ready to leave the party yet, I hope that's okay. anyone else hanging on out there (or just now arriving)-- it is, indeed, the 11th hour. regardless, here's the week:

monday: yellow
tuesday: blue/turquoise
wednesday: green
thursday: white or brown or black
friday: orange
saturday: red or purple or pink

I know it's late (sunday night-- I know, I know) so feel free to come in the middle or at the end. or not at all. feel free to kick off your shoes and refuse to leave. dance while they bring up the (always sobering and fluorescent) house lights. ignore that guy sweeping up crumbs and confetti. post up some color if you feel like it, some candy to share with the tribe. that's what I'll be doing.


  1. Lovely idea!! Once I get my camera batteries up and running, I'll join! A party's not a party until the 11th hour ;). I'm so glad you had such a colorful celebration and that it's still up. I adore it!

  2. So sweet - watched it "slideshow" style with The Carpenters singing "Rainbow Connection" in the background. I can see that Ezra loves him some frosting. Smart kid.

    Can I say how much I lovelovelove your dining room?

  3. you are awesome Andrea! I'll try to play ~ just remembering my camera can be hard though. (=


  4. Ooh, lovely! I might not get my first one up til tomorrow though... I have a perfect yellow picture in mind. Thanks for keeping the colors going!

  5. man alive! you have yourself a beautiful big boy! what a fabulous fantasy world you created! i'm sure to participate in a 2nd weekocolor!

  6. You seem to throw such wonderful parties! They all look so fabulous!

  7. i can just imagine your house in party mode--it must be a sight to behold!

  8. HO HO HO [wait wrong holiday?]

    will you throw me my next b-day party? pretty please...

    i'm glad you are continuing the week of color... i think i'll have to just be an onlookyloo this time xox

  9. Too cute. Love his haircut. He looks so much older, and yet still such a little baby. Love it!

  10. i just arrived.
    im feeling "blue" so im gonna pass out on your sofa.
    im listening to all the party song and im huming along as i fall asleep...

    such a perfect choice of colors...
    blue is so perfect for today.