12 June 2006


summertime is like the beginning of the new year for me. I feel like starting one hundred new projects, I am ripe and ready for the picking. I set new goals for myself, the list-making shifts into high gear and possibility starts to spiral out of the top of my head. I have a small list that I keep scribbling down in so many different places, as if the repetitive act of the writing has kooky, magical powers. even so, I like to be reminded at every turn: the friday morning modern class/saturday morning african dance class, the guerilla art effort with new friends, the small postcard swap project, the music-trading with mav, the july aqua/brown color-riffic swap-o-rama, the four books I'm reading (thank you so much, JY), the holga camera I'm finally going to break in, the day trip to howard finster's paradise gardens and the working out of some potential travel plans too delicious to mention just yet. and a heap of other stuff-- really really great stuff that makes me feel alive in a thousand tiny unmentionable ways.

I'm kicking off the shinyhappysummerprojectme with color week (via port2port). tragic to have missed the first one and so here I am. if it gives me something else to focus on while driving all over the city in a hot, airless car... well then, yes. the air conditioner may be broken but the digital camera will be at the ready.

monday: white
tuesday: brown
wednesday: black/grey
thursday: blue
friday: red


  1. fun, fun, fun

    and your summertime excitement is contagious. joy is seeping all over this post.

  2. here's to feeling alive. good words. good, good words.

  3. wow - you sound busy! swap-o-rama girl! sounds like a fun summer ahead! so much to catch up on!
    fun to be back!

  4. Weird parallels abound!

    1) insane, incantatory list-writing, CHECK!

    2) budding obsession with holgas, CHECK! (although I don't exactly have one yet)

    3) vow to go to Paradise Gardens this year, dagnabbit, CHECK!

    4) swaps coming out of my ears, CHECK! (I'm signed up for FIVE right now on swap-bot, gulp!)

    Your inspiration always feeds my inspiration. Go, girl, go! Are you doing DILO on the 21st? You should, since that's the first official day of summer, and you could make it a paean to your favorite season.

  5. yeah for summertime, yeah for your mind and wonderful plans and activities!

  6. ahhh... that feather. genius.

    you are making me want to get going on my to-do list