28 March 2011

list thirty-four: things to do this spring

list 34

in no particular order:

1. break out the bike

2. keep the vases filled with ranunculus

3. teach a workshop

4. rearrange the collections

5. study portraits

6. watch the trees in the front yard explode with pink blooms

7. stand in the aftermath

8. bring out the mismatched yellow floral plates

9. celebrate four years of living in portland

10. paint a couple dozen eggs

11. lose self in tulip fields

12. revel in the extra hour of light

13. hoard marshmallow peeps

14. hoard orange jellybeans

15. shoot more rolls of film with the canon

16. paint with mati, cook with tracy

17. head downtown to the farmers market

18. revisit old family vacation photographs

19. watch for the poppies and the peonies

20. participate in spring color week

21. order saltwater sandals

22. plant seeds

23. prepare for this kid's seventh birthday

24. spend a day wandering

25. escape with friends

26. hang new string lights in the backyard

27. shoot more of the impossible project's glorious new PX 680 color film

28. plan the season's first picnic

29. find out what the center of the earth looks like

30. wear the edith piaf record out

31. take dance class

32. pray for sun


  1. list is awesome.
    i am going to follow suit on many of those things.
    spring is awesome!

  2. That's a cool list! And a beautiful photo. Have a happy Monday!

  3. Ahh "La Vie en Rose"!
    Listening to Edith Piaf,
    moi aussi mon amie! ;D

  4. Amazing list. I can't wait for a few of those myself, mostly the Farmer's Market. Nothing like waking up early, and getting in before everyone else for the freshest produce.


  5. i love your lists like i love photobooths. :)
    i think we might be long lost twins or something. ;)

  6. I can't wait for the trees to start looking like cotton candy.

    It always makes me think about that line from dumb and dumber. "Just when I though you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!"

    I get so restless in the cities winter gray and then BAM it totally redeems itself.

  7. Excellent list! I have an addiction to ranunculus as well, I am looking forward to see the photos you take of you full vases ;)

  8. This makes me smile and nod my head yes. I enjoy your lists.

  9. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOT!!!!!! I'm so excited to cook with you!!!!!!

  10. all of them but especially NUMBER25!!!!!!

  11. I like the idea of fresh flowers on the table and mismatched floral plates; dancing and praying in the sun. {Sigh) Dreamy. Isn’t it great that we have the ability to create a dreamy life?

  12. your lists rock. ridiculously. you inspired me to make me first "25 things" list this year. so hooray!

  13. I love the thought of tulip fields but unfortunately there aren't any near me! Can't wait to see the results of some of these!

  14. I love my Edith Piaf record too. I think I need a portable record player for picnics and evenings in the backyard...

  15. your lists make my soul happy.
    peeps. sun. ranunculus.


  16. pray for sun. that was lovely.

  17. I love this list and such gorgeous photography!

  18. I just stumbled upon your blog. I am forever happy that I've found you.

    Your words paint images of forests, and love. I am tickled by your sweetness.

    Happy Spring, and good feelings~

    amy !

  19. What a great list! I also hoard the orange jellybeans! They are my favorite!

  20. your lists make me so happy. this is an especially good one.

    also? four years in portland already?? where does the time go?

  21. love em' polaroid - definitely.

  22. great list, don't think i even need to make my own, your's sounds perfect!