01 April 2010

list nine: posts that mean something to me

well, they all mean something to me. but some mean a little more than others. five years worth of writing and it was not easy to choose, not easy at all but here are a few. okay, more than a few.

1. electric brains

2. yes I said yes

3. but it's SPIDERMAN

4. perspective

5. poor five

6. dear italy

7. you can go too

8. hello, I'm a mover

9. I love room service

10. better than everything in the sky

11. 82nd avenue

12. flight 749

13. self portrait #33

14. guilty as charged

15. friday afternoon

16. into marvelous light

(nine down, forty-three to go)


  1. all so good!
    I think one of my favorites you posted was about the Buzz Lightyear doll at Christmas time...

  2. I thought of 'poor five' a couple weeks ago when my little turned 6.

    Thanks (again) for sharing your beauty.

  3. these posts are just lovely. a few even made me cry.

  4. I remember reading number 12 and enjoying the gift of storytelling / writing that have! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  5. I just wanted you to know that you give something very special to your readers. That your honesty to strangers means something. That I appreciate you even though I don't know you.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful things.

  6. so awesome - love going back!

    thanks for sharing


  7. My favourite ever was the one where Ezra lost the butter (or was it margarine, I don't remember). And Buzz Lightyear. I tell that one to others like it happened to me.

  8. i loved revisiting these (yes i'm nerd and clicked them all)

  9. ha!!!!
    i also LOVE the post about ezra losing the butter.
    and the post about when you were staring at a wall of socks at old navy on your anniversary.

    your writing is the bomb.
    and your lists? dear lord. i mean...honestly...how can a person write a list and make it good reading? i don't know how you do it.
    but you do.
    you do.


  10. For someone relatively new to your blog, this was a very cool recap. Thanks!

  11. i'm a new reader but your work does really resonate with me. as you celebrate your "five" and i read your reasons for getting your blog started, a wave of "familiar" comes over me. i'm new to all things blogging but started for reasons similar to your own. wanted to say this space of yours is wonderful. thanks for sharing!

  12. I love your blog. Really, I love your blog. and on your 5 year old blog....in Morocco and the Arab world, 5 is one of the most important, magical, protective, powerful numbers. And even by saying it can ward off the evil eye. So may you have a year filled with all sorts of good things, including strangers leaving cupcakes on your door.

  13. I just started to read your blog from the beginning (I'm a recent Hula-ite), and so have just recently come upon some of these. They are wonderful, indeed.

  14. I think fondly of #10 several times a year.

  15. I loved this list. I love when a blogger points us to their personal favorites. Your heart is right here. And a lovely heart it is, too.