14 April 2010

list eleven: things I am loving


1. paper balloons

2. colorful could-be cameras

3. harpy's float set

4. love letter murals

5. my new (non-black) wallet

6. re-imagined book covers

7. a list to take seriously

8. a pound cake that involves nutella

9. a collaboration that involves an 8 year-old and the art world

10. a new film about an artist I love

11. the building and imagining of so many bikes

12. the last of the orange jellybeans

13. the spring issue of UPPERCASE

14. a glee flashmob (and the hundreds of arms and hands at 1:30 in)

15. the having of helvetica stencils

16. the stories and colors in ruth's paintings

17. the world's first street art disaster film

18. decals that are swoon-worthy

19. dancers who run backwards

20. the two unopened boxes of PX100 film sitting on my desk

21. the lilacs popping near the front porch

22. marionberry-flavored anything

(eleven down, forty-one to go)


  1. Oh boy those cameras look fantastic. Thanks for that...

  2. oooh! good list! and i am with you on harpy's float set. it's pretty great, isn't it?

  3. I saw the words "new wallet" and immediately thought, "I bet she has the same one as me." Click. Yep! I love that wallet.

  4. mmm, delightful list. i just found some unused film myself. yummy.

  5. your posts just make me want to go creative-crazy. inspired so much!

  6. yes.yes.yes.

    (and perhaps also a little something that I found during my travels is up at flickr (just for you)...we should both get that, too :)

  7. omg - these are so awesome on SO many levels - love the list, the links, you!!!

  8. your lists make me smile. i have my list of things to do this year though and that is more than enough of a list for me at the mo I think x

  9. hip hip hooray! rejoice for this delightful list:)

  10. those paper balloons are adorable! love it!

  11. 4. 8. 20. Oooh. Thanks for sharing.

  12. number 8 sounds absolutely wrong and delicious!

  13. that stephen powers link just made my day!

  14. i am loving my new wallet also....same as jessica and yours!

  15. love this list...i too have two boxes of PX film awaiting my attention (or for me to stop being nervous about trying them and to jump in). that flashmob made me smile wide too....love it!

  16. You made my morning! Loved everyone of your links, but the GLEE one had me laughing, and dancing in front of my computer... thanks.

  17. oh andrea, that backwards running is so inspiring. i want to be flung out from the wings! thank you thank you! you made my morning.

  18. This is my favorite list yet!

  19. I was feeling sorry for myself here in Nowheresville Pennsylvania when my friend Lisa forwarded me this list. I looked out the window and saw the beginnings of a gorgeous afternoon thunderstorm. Talk about doing a 180° your attitude. Thank you thank you thank you...

  20. Andrea! Thanks so much for your lovely words about the decals! ♥♥

    Hope you and your lovelies have a wonderful weekend!

  21. great list, I too am looking forward to seeing the film on Basquiat, looks so artfully done.

  22. #s 8 and 9 made me choke. and swoon. and choke again. can't wait to try the cake, and the collaboration: GENIUS