03 April 2008

what is the what

next photography project: 52 weeks of... something. 52 weeks of what?

the brightest thing?
park slides?
found type?
through the viewfinder?
street art?

how about mustaches? fruit? feet? people who wear plaid scarves? um, the possibilities are endless. would appreciate any and all input. ripe and ready to begin. just need to make a decision already. I am a girl who is occasionally prone to wishy-washiness.


  1. the fact that i've committed to really taking a photo a day and not just posting a photo a day (ie: stockpiling shots) was enough for this wishy-washy woman.

    i look forward to your next project.

  2. pleasures?

  3. I was also thinking to pull one of my angel cards each morning and use it as the theme for the day.

    You could have Ava, Ezra and Ward fill a jar full with one word on a slip of paper for you to pull and use it as your day's inspiration....

  4. geez...i'm not sure...how funny would a mustache per week be (albeit extremely difficult, should i be invited to participate, for this single girl...hmmm...
    how about favorite things?
    or lips/mouths would be fun.
    dang - i guess I'M being wishy washy!
    i have faith you will pick something good good good. can't wait to see what it ends up being!

  5. I vote for mustaches but only on men.

  6. I'm going to go ahead and vote no for feet, only because it will attract too many fetishes. I say ears. heehee.

  7. dancers, since you love dancing?

  8. Of those you listed, I vote for found type. You certainly seem to have a love affair with letters. Not on the list but recent obsessions of mine -- Front doors. Mailboxes. House numbers too. Sidewalk stamps. Have fun deciding!

  9. my vote is for found type, but that's only because I am such a fan of typography!

  10. How about 52 weeks of circles? Could be patterns with circles in, found circles, photos taken through a circle shape...

    Or 52 weeks of photos that look like stills from a film.

    best wishes

  11. i like 'smiles' taking pictures of friends, families, pets or strangers with their biggest (or not so big) smiles will really brighten the day for the next 52!

  12. film! cinema! smoke theatres! movie nights!

  13. legs?

  14. I love the idea of 52 weeks of words.

  15. My vote was for found type. I have a thing for words, too. Then, I saw dominique's idea for pleasures. I am not the photographer you are, but I may just join you. Fifty two weeks of pleasures. I like it.

  16. mustaches sound good; mullets would probably be tricky to track down.

    otherwise, I love the idea of giving yourself a little more freedom - patterns and shapes? something requiring a little squinting beyond a "first glance" photo... hmm!

    enjoy whatever you come up with! will look forward to staying tuned in. congrats on being so diligent - 52 weeks of anything, whoo!

  17. i love the idea of plaid scarves or strangers but i think it could get overwhelming at some points to follow through. i think color or patter would be lovely choices and also challenging but accessible enough to not get overwhelming.

  18. I love your film! Make it film!

    (I will learn from it, especially if you were to include details of the process) so it benefits me in that way, besides for the pleasure of seeing your images)

  19. what about doorways, places you either enter or exit

  20. wish i had some great ideas for you, but i do have this link that i wanted to share w/ you because it reminds me, in its spirit of fun matched w/ its sense of organization and categorization, of your blog.
    I posted it on my blog last night as soon as I discovered it and then as i was falling asleep (when everything makes the most sense) I matched it with your blog somehow. check out
    much fun.
    If you can't link for some reason it's also linked @

  21. I"m obsessed with shots of hands: hands at rest, hands with other hands, hands at work, hands at play, etc. And then of course there can be so much character in their very appearance (skin color, freckled, aged, etc.)

    Or how about skin, which would keep things compartmentalized to body...but then even non-human things have "skin" and there's metaphoric skin...

    Just tossing things out...