04 April 2008

photobooth friday

shopping malls and silver chandelier earrings and new boyfriends who wear enormous glasses. the early 90s feels like a hundred years ago. yup. me and ward as boyfriend and girlfriend, 1991. a hundred years ago. or something like that.

april is all about fools so this month I am calling all fools to get into the booth and you know, act like fools. fairly straightforward. though it could be interpreted in a million different ways and this is what I'm banking on. this is why photobooths and fridays are so good together.

to summarize, april's photobooth friday theme: fools.

but the biggest fools are here. those boys and their photobooths. constantly exploring. also, bound to be some fools here. the best kind of fools, my kind of fools, these are my people.

but really I just want to see how many times I can say the word fools.


  1. this is a great, great photo. the fun, excitement and craziness of being "new" shows through.

  2. you crack me up. always.

    so what was the 52 week photo decision?

  3. you've been tagged :)

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  4. you kooky kids are made for each other!