29 April 2008

green monday

leya, you read my mind. I've been thinking of doing this for weeks.

hello, color week! I'm so glad to see you.

I've got some catching up to do. if you want to play along, it's not too late. it's never too late:

monday: green
tuesday: yellow
wednesday: orange
thursday: pink/red
friday: blue

check with miss curious bird for links and such. also, am thinking of continuing on with this into next week. anyone interested? what say you?


  1. I loooove /and miss color week! I wanna
    play, count me in! I missed yesterday so
    I'll get a late start today and take it
    into next week! yay, hello colors!

  2. so glad to hear we think alike. that's a huge compliment, ya know.
    looking forward to your lovely photos.

    xo, l.

  3. hooray for color week! I'm in.

  4. gosh you struck a chord with your last question. my brother and I say "what say you" to each other but I didn't know anyone else said that. (-: happy color week.

  5. Two weeks of color! Oy, twist my arm why don't you, I'm in!

  6. Color Week is the greatest reward after Flu Month. I'm in for this week and next. Brilliant idea.

  7. yay! Count me in too for carrying on into next week :)

  8. Color week sounds great. I'm in for next week.

  9. Oh yes! I'd like to play too. I'm a bit housebound lately, so this is a great assignment. I can't go far and wide for color, so I'll ferret it out right here. Thanks!

  10. Oh, definitely. Here's to next week!

  11. Avid reader here. I love color week, I'm in too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. i may join in next week
    if it is still a go?
    i have been doing a poem a day
    for the month of april
    and could use a break
    from words
    for a week!

    love the photos also!!

  13. Since I just jumped on the bandwagon and it's already Thursday (haven't uploaded my pink/red color pics yet, but I will very shortly!) I would LOVE it if you continued color week again next week! Keep us posted!

  14. color week is oh so delicious ~ i may have to join you and do one of mine own one of these days. ;o) great finds & great blog!

  15. I'll play again... it's been fun this week!

  16. i am starting late (as of tomorrow) but thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    i have been wanting to do a photo challenge for ages, i can't wait xx