09 November 2013

photobooth friday

parisian edition, in which we are very wiggy, very duck lippy. and shrouded in photobooth chemicals gone slightly awry. but that's sort of what I live for, photobooth chemicals gone slightly awry. parisian photobooth chemicals gone slightly awry? even better. ava's face in that bottom right frame? best.

p.s. I would officially like to thank irene nam for making sure we did not leave the city of paris without a trip to bonton's photobooth and whose own photobooth hijinks from said day shall soon be featured here for all the world to see.


  1. Great pics! You 2 look like sisters!

    1. BEST COMPLIMENT (maybe ever) (for this aging 42 year-old self, anyway) :)

  2. gosh oh gosh i like this so much. and you DO look like sisters. xo

  3. Replies
    1. love you right back! miss you! xo

  4. seriously, NOT mother and daughter but sis and sis. crazy!