15 June 2012

photobooth friday (birthday edition)

years one, two and three.

years four, five, six and seven.

and now, year eight.

see? see how long his hair is now? he claims to have a hair hero of sorts at school. a hair mentor, if you will. a boy in sixth grade with sandy brown (stick straight) hair past his shoulders. we think this is hilarious but of course, we never laugh. we speak of the hair mentor with great respect.

year nine, year nine. what will your photobooth strip look like?


  1. oh. my. goodness. i didn't even recognize him! i thought it was an old photo of Ava (shh, don't tell him that!) he looks like a little grunge kid from the 90's, i love it. :)

    1. I know, right? he gets mistaken for a girl all the time and I thought that would bother him but it doesn't! grunge kid from the 90s! totally.

  2. This is such a wonderful tradition. Love those big brown eyes!

  3. That's so cool that you have a photo strip of each year of his life! Such a nice tradition.

  4. happy birthday ezra and mama. andrea, your motherlove always leaves me in awe.

  5. OH



    I just love it.
    I also really, really love that you have this photobooth tradition with the birthdays. Girl, you know how to do birthdays, like nobody else knows how to do birthdays.

    Happy 8, Ezra!

  6. So adorable, photobooths are wonderful!

  7. oh man, i remember when you posted the first one! happy birthday to Ezra!!!!

  8. oh my gosh--that first year picture...heavens.

  9. Happy birthday to your sweet Ezra. I love that you support his need for a hair mentor.

  10. I love the yearly photobooth idea - how perfect. I really NEED a hair mentor.

  11. wait...EIGHT?!!!! i thought it would stop at seven, and even seven seemed too much.
    i have always loved ezra...but now, with his hair mentor? i love him even more.

    hee...wait until he is a tween and he reads this blog!

  12. He's clearly a hair mentor - you have to have confidence to be one! ;)

    So sweet - and I LOVE these photobooth pics. Makes me a little sad I haven't done that for my boys. Oh well, I guess we can start at age 3.


  13. love this post...and your blog! found you by a fluke today and your blog made me smile! sunny greetings from Germany, geisslein