11 January 2007

ten days

(day two)

the day after my 36th birthday, I began to (purposefully) take a photograph each day.

(day three)

I already seem to be shooting all the time, but somehow this felt different. in the sense that I was setting out to do something I'd never done before, something that felt huge to me. no matter what kind of day I was having, there was always this thing I was doing.

(day four)

and then, just when I was really starting to find the joy in it, when I was really getting into the habit of the everydayness of it, just when the set was beginning to take on some sort of interesting shape, my camera broke.

(day 8)

really, I shouldn't have been so easily thrown. but there I was, all thrown. as if the project would be immune to any sort of hiccups along the way.

(day 9)

I do have the grandest of plans to pick right up where I left off the moment a new camera is in my hands, but until then-- these ten days of photographs will have to do.

(more of my humble beginnings can be found here)


  1. fate.
    all so you could allow yourself your dream camera.
    although it is hard to imagine your photos could get any better (these ARE fantastic).

    and, guess what? those trees? i have 'em too. big surprise, huh?

  2. a beautiful begining! the candy canes in the sink is precious.
    nice mention at 52 projects :)

  3. I'm sorry your camera broke. do you have one on the way (I hope??)
    I think I'd like to do this, it's a noble cause, especially when your not in the mood. If I start today, on my favorite number day than it would be: 001:01-11 and that's sort of cool.

    I heart those vintage trees so much.

  4. Will you be getting your camera fixed? Are you getting a new one? Do you know when?
    It may sound pathetic but I have fallen asleep a few nights this week wondering when you will get a camera in your hands again. I am so inspired by your photography. And may I say - Dang! Your brother's tattoo is amazing! Wait til I show my husband! He's gonna flip!

  5. oh.my.god.

    andrea. you need that camera NOW. i am running to flickr to fav several of these. you have just rocked my evening and humbled me beyond words. beyond words....

    get thee the D40 tomorrow

  6. Hi I'm Danielle from Sydney, Australia and I found your Blog by accident through a friend. Seems I'm not the only one in the world who adores macro photography and photobooths :)

    Your images are both beautifully raw or to polished perfection. I hope you don't mind me poking my head in here every now and then and leave a comment or two.

    I'm currently taking a photo a day as apart of my creative new years resolution. My beautiful tool... my Fuji S7000 broke and at the moment I'm using a tiny Nikon Coolpix L4 and it is NOTHING in comparision. What I mean to say is... I understand your pain.

    I'm getting married this march so the purse strings are a bit too tight to buy the new flashy camera I dream about... so I'll just plod along with my little instant camera.

    I hope I can inspire you as you inspire me.


  7. I say you are off to a good start. And I am sure you are still snapping photos in your mind as you move through the day. So even if you can't share them with all of us, those photos have been taken- perhaps becoming less attached to the photograph itself and morea attached to the snapping in your mind will help until you get the camera :)
    BTW these are wonderful, i love the one of Ez and toothpast :) what a silly kiddo.

  8. Ohhh, good luck getting through your camera-less days! ;-)

  9. Love love all the pics, esp the one of the chairs and floor! You have a great eye!!

  10. such sad, sad news about your camera - i do hope you will find a replacement soon!

  11. Beautiful photographs -
    Beautiful words -
    As always!

    I add my hope that you will have a camera back in hand very soon.

    - Lee

  12. So, what cameras have you been looking at? I too am looking for a portable cam to capture the odd life moments.

  13. Happy belated birthday, guuurl! Glad a broken camera didn't brake your spirit.

  14. I'm finally catching up on reading. Wow. You amaze me. Such an artistic eye.