06 October 2006

photobooth friday

in an earnest effort to further hone my procrastination skills, I took to photocopying photobooth strips. obviously so that I could make the subjects look like circus clown slash drag queens-- like the club kids that showed up on the sally jessy raphael show back in the early nineties. remember that? sally, sally, sally. what were you trying to do? those shows only made me want to smother the gangly boy wearing the dress made of magenta faux fur and wooden spoons with so much love. that his silver-spiked platform boots had him towering and teetering dangerously over you and your ridiculous red-framed glasses, well-- you know. I was filled with glee over the sight of it. power to the people, y'all-- to the freaks of the world.

this little habit first appeared in my college days-- when hours of heavy reading and many, many research papers were required of me. but this doodling, it was so much more fun. and such a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

it would be a habit that stayed with me, recent proof being the above altered photobooth snap of me and my best friend nancy (from a journal dated 2003). happily, I post it here in honor of her recent birthday. happy, happy, HAPPY birthday, nance. would've given just about anything to have been there with you.

photobooth friday peoples, I do believe I done you wrong. I intend to make things right:

jesC: last week, this week
the whole self: last week, this week
leSophie: last week, this week
nessie noodle: last week, this week
woof nanny: last week, this week
acumamakiki: last week, this week
weaker vessel (holla for her first time, y'all)


  1. Oh, my lovely hula...I just love you, you super glam clown freak. Keep on keepin' on, it ALL rolls around :).

    (p.s. my week two is up better late than never)

  2. love it- totally random and crazy...
    I got a booth this week and last yo! put me on the list! (purdy please?)

    glad you are around and procrastinating- it has been lonely here without you.

  3. never mind... I totally didn't read the post- you got me on there!
    sorry charlie...

  4. I love the altered photo snaps and I'm just glad for words from you dear girl. Happy weekend! Oh, and we went to a birthday party this evening and there was a photo booth at the restaurant, yo! The best part? My Ava got her little friends to go into the booth....comes pulling on my purse saying, 'mama lets go, lets GO!

  5. wow! that photo is a little masterpiece.seriously cool.
    happy weekend to you and yours :)

  6. i love it. photocopies and talk showed out. haha!

  7. you always were a reader and your artistic talent was so evident. Enjoyed the blog. Visit todayintownecars blog. He would love to hear from you!

  8. you even look good as a dragged club kid.... xo

  9. love it. :) makes me want to get my magic markers out and go to town

  10. That's awesome, Andrea. I love your creativity. By the way, I saw a crazy woman on the subway the other day. I got on the train and she was sitting down applying red makeup to her face that made her look exactly like your markered photobooth pics. It was surreal! By the time she was done and I got off, she had bright red circles on both cheecks and looked like a scary clown...but she WASN'T trying to be a clown!

    I love this city.

  11. That is an awesome idea. Must steal ASAP.

    Also, thanks for the shout-out, you little rascal.

  12. speaking of early 90s club kids, did you ever see the movie "Party Monster"? totally crazy, and more than a little terrifying.

    LOVING your photo doodling.