27 October 2006

photobooth friday

I caught him eating waffles out of the trash the other day. there's a kind of quiet that settles over the house when ezra is up to something. it's an ominous quiet that jolts me out of wherever I am in my thinking, whatever I am doing. I drop everything and fly through the house, yelling his name. on this morning, he was nibbling on something near the trash can and when I saw it was waffles, I knew where he'd been.

he's also taken to waking up at 5:30 most every morning. which wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't head-butting involved. if he would wait until, say-- sevenish-- to run full speed at my belly with his tough little bedhead bowed and ready for contact, I might be able to pass it off as some weird, adorable little toddler quirk. I am absolutely not a morning person and probably never will be. and it really doesn't matter if I go to bed in the middle of the day, 5:30 in the morning still feels like the anti-christ to me. I am steeped in grouchiness until about eight and there's just no getting around that. the combination of all these things has stretched me in spectacular ways.

then there's the pinching. ezra takes great comfort in pinching the skin on the insides of my arms, near the crook of the elbow-- and he's figured out that bending my arm in just the right way allows for the most perfect amount of meaty, pinchable flesh. some of those pinching sessions have brought tears to my eyes, dear readers. those little pinchers are powerful weapons that should be registered with the U.S. government. I believe he pinches out of love, I do-- and comfort. and probably to get my attention. I haven't put a stop to it just yet, mostly because I'm genuinely fascinated by it.

I'm not as fascinated by the 'elbows of death' though. yes, that's what I like to call them-- the 'elbows of death'. ezra likes to pounce on me like an old grey mattress that's been left out on the side of the road. he's so joyful in the pouncing that I don't usually mind it. until I feel a pointy elbow dig in my neck or thigh and then I mind it very much.

and like so many toddlers everywhere, he loves (LOVES) running through the house pants-less. it must feel so good and free to zip naked through each room (which is why I allow it). the problems come when it's time to put the pants back on: when ezra sees me coming towards him with jeans and diaper in hand, he begins to spiral his body violently, comically. like a tiny cartoon twister. there's no containing him, no bribing him, absolutely no stopping him. I grab his ankles and pull but my arms start to twist too, at which point I give up until he's worn himself out. I keep waiting for him to bore a hole through the couch cushions, the sisal rug, the wood floor. I keep thinking he might end up somehwere near the center of the earth.

oh, but I am so crazy about that kid, so crazy-- in spite of these things, because of these things. I am crazy with love, so crazy that I think it probably comes out of my ears and eyeballs, from the top of my head, out the tips of my fingers. it's a love so alive it lights up like an electric sign that cannot be turned off. and you know that it's too much but you can't really stop from looking at it.

and here is where I give up the photobooth friday goods:

the whole self
bobby S
velvet vox
j├Ârdis anderson
under a pink sky

and here is something that makes me so happy, so jealous-- all at the same time.


  1. That's why they are so cute, because otherwise, we'd have to send them back. (= I love that he was eating waffles out of the trash, makes me think of a few favorite TV shows where there has been just that.

  2. OH. MY. GOD. That girl has a booth in her house? I want to be her best friend, jeez louise! I want my own booth, I'm gonna start saving for one right now. Tonight.

  3. In this picture his face brings to mind a baby in a vintage photo. So precious. Where do they get those killer elbows, though?

  4. what a terrific shot. came your way via kiki's referral. really terrific pics on your spot.

  5. As a fellow non morning person, I can commiserate except for me it's usually waking up to a dog on my stomach or dog breath in my face. Not quite the same as 'the elbows of death' though! I've been thinking of you and hope that you are all settled in and doing well!

  6. Good stuff. I love the photo as well as the reflection.
    Gosh, your words are so delicious that as soon as I see you have posted something new I simply drink your words like the best latte I have ever had. I'm hanging on every frothy word, sipping every drop of goodness as you reflect on life and shine light on all of the ordinary things that make life worth living...

  7. i've got a little photo booth love this week too :) thanks for the fun fridays!

  8. Ah, Andrea, every time you tell a story I am moved. Deeply.

    Death elbows and love and babies and heart break and friends that remind you to hug your babies extra tight when you read her stories.

    I think I'll go make waffles for breakfast right now...

  9. a photo booth in the living room?!? no way. that's incredible.

    i think you're right about the dervishy babies. i think there's a whole tribe of them a mild below the crust, and they have a diving board for leaping into the magma, which doesn't hurt them, because they're too damn fast.

  10. i can testify that ezra is even more cute in real life than in the photos (if that's possible). i love reading about his little mischevious antics!

  11. eeks, mine has the pointed elbows, and they seem to catch me only in the belly -dang they hurt so much!
    eating out of the trash just seems so funny when it's a toddler who's doing the digging. lol.

    i can't stand the home booth. i am saving up too!!!

  12. I hope to one day be a mother with such love......such love.

    SUCH love.

  13. aw little boys! i know just what you mean about the elbows! and about the love you feel! amazing stuff!

    um and that photobooth....

  14. awww...boys...i know...i have one...

  15. I found your blog a few days ago and I loveitloveitloveit! Your writing is absolutely wonderful. I have been reading it from the beginning and I can't believe you grew up in southern illinois. I too grew up and continue to serve my sentence, er continue to live here. May I ask what town you grew up in? I am from McLeansboro. I also detest overhead lighting. Thanks for brightening my days.

  16. Oh man, Ezra is hilarious! Exhausting, but hilarious.

  17. LOVE this picture...his expression cracks me up!

    this story is so funny. all of it. especially you trying to dress him. every kid i know loves to run around naked. my nieces run around as fast as they can screaming "nudie-butt!" while they giggle wildly at their freedom and silliness.

  18. He is a character already! And I love your writing! Really!