27 January 2006

photobooth friday

city museum, st. louis, december 2004

"I want to get in the booth BY MYSELF," she said.

well, okay then. quite frankly, her request took me by surprise. ward and I were so caught up with figuring out who would get into the booth next and how we would mix it up and did we have enough one dollar bills to take all the strips we wanted and yada yada yada. I didn't even think she was paying any real attention to what we were doing. and so that girl of mine looked at us mysteriously, hopped into the booth, slid the curtain shut and did her thang. all we could see were two sweet feet dangling and the consecutive flashes of the booth. always melting my heart, that ava-girl.

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  1. wow! i missed a few days and you have so many new posts! i love this idea, and i am so glad you are sharing your many photos with the blog world. i think what i love most about the photobooth is the consecutive moments strewn together for eternity. I cant wait for next week!

  2. So CUTE!!! Ava is such and "independant woman!"

    You inspire me, Andrea. I'm playing photobooth Friday too...

  3. Gorgeous. She's just GORGEOUS. And SO her mother's daughter. Love it love it love it.

  4. I have to admit that I've never been in a photobooth, but you make it sound like so much fun. Next time Nick and I come across one, we're going in. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. That sweet Ava-girl! What a cute story!

  6. oh...
    what a cute l'il poser...

    and what a great idea
    wish we had a photo booth round here
    but they are all gone

  7. love this idea andrea!

    little ava - so cute how she posed!

    thanks for mentioning me, even though i'm in cognito. on the hunt today - if all goes well! they do exist up here, the only one that comes to mind is in north van, which means we need a car. but i'm going to see if i can locate another nearby.

  8. I found this site, it might help others on the lookout for a booth or two- I already have a few in mind for myself!


  9. I'm up, I'm up, I'm up.

    And god, how beautiful is Ava? Something about the black and white making the 2000's vintage.

    Great idea. I stoked to be part!

  10. Such a cute story! Ava is such a doll! Looking forward to seeing more from the Ava series!

  11. cute! I love her expression. Isn't it sweet when the little ones start to show their independence?

    Oh, and I have a new entry for today, if you want to change your link it's at http://tickytacky.typepad.com/tickytacky/2006/01/photobooth_frid_1.html

    Maybe we can start a blogger page to post these updates to, like self-portrait Tuesday, Illustration Friday, and the like!? Easy for me to say, huh, since you'd be the one who had to find time to set it all up. If you do want to do that, and you need any help, let me know!

  12. I love this and I love the sweet face that your girl has in this photo. She's just beautiful.

  13. just priceless! i have to start taking pictures in photobooths, not only when i need a new identity card- or passport-picture. :D i'm just wondering... how do you get black and white pictures??

  14. hehe such a ham! :) She's absolutely beautiful, Andrea!

  15. i am loving this. makes me want to go out and find a photobooth so i can participate :)

  16. Woo-Hoo!!! I found you through Abby Marie...I have loved photo booth photos for as loooooong as I can remember, and am so excited for this brilliant idea. Yippie! I used a photo booth photo (PBP?) for my SPT this week, so if it's OK with you I'll count that for my submission this week. But I have plenty and I would love to play! Thanks for the great idea!

    And I love your Ava photo. She is beautiful and has such personality!

  17. I wish I knew where a photo booth is around here. I love this idea! And wow, ms. Ava is such a cutie pie!

  18. see 52 projects 28 january entry on weblogs to watch...

  19. so.... i'm still waiting for the photobooth to be delivered to my house....

    ava.... what a doll.... and SO cool like her mom!!

    i actually might have a photobooth strip to contribute next week.... gotta dig it up.....

  20. now that is one gorgeous little gal! I am completely inspired to go and find a photobooth around sydney so I can start taking some more snaps of myself and my friends too - what a great site you've got! :)

  21. so can anyone tell me where there is a photobooth in sydney? we need an exact location. thanks!