18 January 2006

guilty pleasures

my girls meridith and AJ tagged me with this here meme. I'm all about indulging (especially in these dreary january days) and so I intend to willingly bare all here. please refrain from pointing and laughing. my five guiltiest pleasures (in no particular order) are:

1. cheap make-up. and well, expensive make-up. 99-cent nail polish in mad crazy colors. lipstick, lip gloss, lip lacquer, lip balm, I am obsessed with all lip products. and products that make you look dewy or flushed, lotions that make your skin shimmery. while I am bananas over brands like stila and nars and MAC, I also love me some wet-n-wild and rimmel too. that being said, I rarely drop major cash on cosmetic goodness. oh, but I love to roam the beauty aisles of target and get lost in the likes of sephora. what's even crazier is that I tend toward the natural look so I really don't know why I'm so crazy about things like eyelash curlers and liquid bronzer and green eyeshadow. I know. it's a little nutty.

2. cherry-flavored blowpops. or really, cherry-favored anything. hey, just cherries. fresh CHERRIES. and cherry snowcones, cherry slushies, cherry coke, chocolate-covered cherries, cherry pie, dried cherries, frozen-fresh dark pitted cherries, maraschino cherries, the juice that you find in the jar of the maraschino cherries. however, due to my recent major cut down on refined sugar, I'm passing on all aforementioned cherry-flavored products. except for fresh, frozen and dried cherries, of course. and miss danette, I want to kiss your feet for introducing me to the cherry pie larabar (which is sort of like an energy bar but made with dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries and nothing else, no sugar, no artificial anything). I am currently having a love affair with cherry pie larabars. is that wrong? now, if I can just keep myself from inhaling several of them a day, I'll be okay. my massive love for all things cherry will remain intact and all will be lovely in AndreaLand.

3. television. as in project runway. as in arrested development, as in lost. and the office (both versions). and what not to wear. and best week ever. and I'm sorry, but I can't say no to america's next top model, either. because how can you resist tyra and her overly dramatic speeches at the end of the show? how can you not LOVE to make fun of jay's faux orange tan? why, WHY does he insist on making his skin look like that? why can't he see how wrong that is? I am also prone to repeated viewings of seinfeld and sex and the city. this thing about me watching old shows over and over, this makes ward NUTS. late night viewings of the cosby show and I love lucy, it's all good. people (and you know who you are MOM and yes, I know there are others and I know who you are too) like to question this guilty pleasure of mine but my thing is: I read. I read a lot, I write a lot, I make art, I dance, I teach, I've got my hands in a whole mess of things that aren't television-related so if I want to zone out and feast on some mindless television, well, I think that's okay. so BACK OFF. (it occurs to me that I will re-read this sometime tonight or tomorrow and have the urge to edit as I do believe I sound a tad defensive. but whatever).

4. magazines. holy smokes, I love magazines. my must-haves are jane (I'm a 'sassy' girl from way back in the day), bust, violet, relevant, readymade, budget living and martha stewart kids but I won't say no to a big fat issue of vogue or martha stewart living. glamour, self and marie claire will do in a pinch. I also enjoy hand-me-downs of in style (thank you so much, lulu). sometimes I like to thumb through ward's premiere or entertainment weekly or elemental issues. occasionally, I splurge on dance magazine (but only if there's something inside that I feel I must have for my dance files). I have also been known to drool over obscure art and design mags too. and I'm not too proud to thumb through people or the enquirer while standing in line at the grocery store.

5. dress-up shoes. shoes like this. I rarely rarely buy such girly sparkly shoes but I do so love them, love to try them on, love to think about where I might wear them and with what. in fact, I wrote a whole thing about this (here) and even have an idea for a project involving shoes that I may eventually share here in hula seventy world. the wheels are turning in my mind. I'm desperately looking for reasons to adorn my feet with such lovelies.

AND: my guiltiest pleasure of all: memes. I am the biggest meme dork of all time. and proud of it. if you want, you can feel a little sorry for me and all my dorkiness and leave me a sympathy comment. and you know, tell me what your guilty pleasures are.


  1. i am so with you on the cosmetics... i always linger and look, but don't always buy.....

    there are too many guilty pleasures to list my friend!

  2. I love when you have such a great time w/ meme's! I suppose I'm just as dorky as the instant I begin reading yours, I can hardly wait to post one on my blog...hopefully I'll find time for this one!

  3. good stuff here! so much good stuff!!!! :) i love it.

  4. A new game:

    Pass it on - find 3 blogs you've never commented on before and say hi! And of course tell them to do the same.


    (I'm posting this anonymously to see if it ever comes back round to me! But of course it would be best not to be anonymous....;-)

    Hugs too.

  5. MMMMMM...Cherry Pie! What a fun meme...I loved discovering your guilty pleasures!

  6. you always have the best pictures!

  7. what a great list. it really brightened my day.

    ditto on the tv thing. i can't get enough of tv. i've read that arrested developement will finish up on 2/10. apparently they are going to air all 4 of the final episodes in one 2 hour chunk and then that will be the end...unless some other network decides to pick it up.

    i feel about jewelry the way you feel about make up. i don't wear the stuff and normally rotate between a couple of pairs of earrings but i have an entire slew of cheap, pretty jewelry hanging around.

    blog reading is another guilty pleasure for me. there are so many other, more productive things i could be doing but hell, what can i say, i love 'em.

    award shows...yeah, i'm a sucker. golden globes, oscar (my fav), SAG, Grammies...i love 'em all.

  8. I love French fries in any shape, size, form, flavor. I LOVE THEM. And American Idol. And TV in general. And reading blogs. And avoiding anything productive.

  9. i can attest to the fact that you are being honest! these truly are andrea things. i am a meme freak too ( or any kind of "tell us about yourself/discover something about yourself" quiz) I have been putting off this meme after being tagged but i am going to get to it now! ive been inspired!

  10. These are too funny and so similar to mine :) I love the dress up shoes...I am totally the same way :)

  11. hello!? my long lost twin sister! Lip products (and your brands!), cherries, and so on, and so on ...

    Aren't memes fun?

  12. oh this was sooo fun andrea! first off, some of these are too familiar. why?

    cheap makeup - ding ding ding (wet & wild is the best!)
    cherry anything - ding ding ding ('cept what are blowpops?)
    tv - ding ding ding - (i find people who watch tv - REAL!)
    magazines - ding ding ding ding! (my life would be so lost without them!)

  13. Oh this was SO funny to read because I SO could have written it. I'm a magazine whore, in love with lip gloss. Cherries are hands down my fave fruit and I am guiltily addicted to Project Runway, and ah-hem, ANTM. Add apple chips and chocolate, and call me guilty.

  14. omigosh, i'm with you on the make-up. i loooove it, but i hardly ever wear any. oh, and i too am addicted to lip products. i was even considering an spt history re my life-long addiction to lip products.

  15. i think for make-up it is the packaging. it just looks so cute in the store, but something changes when I bring it home and put it in my bathroom cabinet? Don't know what happens.
    And tv, don't get me started, (don't have kids) but it is pretty much the first thing I do when I walk in the door. Addicted.
    thanks for sharing!

  16. Sex and The City is my number one biggest guilty pleasure. My fabulous (and overly generous brohter) bought me the complete series for Christmas so that I can indulge whenever the mood strikes.

    Not sure if I've commented here before. But I must say, another one of my guilty pleasures is reading this blog (and your husband's). Keep up the fun.

  17. hello lovely commenters, thanks for all your words and thanks for sharing your guilty pleasures with me. the only thing better than indulging in a guilty pleasure is reading about the guilty pleasures of others...:)

    abby marie, we can be meme dorks together...! hope you find the time to do this one... it's so fun.

    anonymous, thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to try it.

    michelle, meridith (non sequitor) posted on a link on her blog to an article that talks about the future of arrested development... looks like there are two networks interested (HBO and someone else). here's to hoping! such a fantastic show. would love to see your jewelry collection! and I LOVE the oscars.

    glam jo, big yes to french fries and blog-reading. I am also big on avoiding productivity (it seems). especially if it means guilty pleasures.

    lulu, I consider all of our back-and-forth quizzes one of the precursors to my blogging. no lie.

    julia, I just KNEW I had a long lost twin sister out there somewhere... actually, since I've started blogging, I've discovered that I have about three more out there (girls, you know who you are)... so does that make us, like, quintuplets or something? :)

    jan, wet & wild... a girl after my own heart! and blow pops are giant lollipops with a ball of pink bubblegum in the center... so yummy. I'll have to send you some in your package! also, thanks for your comment about tv... I was a little hesitant to reveal that part about myself, lest I sound like a lazy couch potato who does nothing but watch tv all the time... haha. I'm far from that but I do love me some tv! oh, and I'll also have to send you some magazines for your mag habit... anything that you can't get up there that you're itching to have? lemme know!

    christine, wow! what similarities...! and actually, chocolate REALLY should have been on my list.

    moi, say no more.

    mary, you should totally do that...! (with the lip products and personal history)... it would be such a nice twist on this month's theme... fun and fascinating!

    wendy, I'm so with you on the packaging thing. it really influences my purchases! such a sucker for some clever or adorable packaging. it does lose some of the glamour once you get it home, doesn't it? what is that about?

    megan, thanks for commenting! and WOW, what a fabulous christmas gift... I only have season three on dvd but I watch them over and over on HBO and wherever else they're playing. will eventually have to break down and get them all!

  18. I could have written that myself!

    Make-up? Oh yes! And I'm for the natural look too. Not that my bathroom reflects that in any way shape or form! I have so so much make-uppy goodness...

    Magazines & TV? Guilty as charged...

    Your post made me smile!