26 January 2006

viva la photobooth revolution

hello, all you fellow photobooth lovers. this here is a reminder to dig up your beloved photobooth pics and choose one (or twenty!) to post tomorrow. whateveh you got: new, old, personal, found, single-style or by the strip. gimme a holler via email or here in the comments section so I can link your sweet little bloggedy-blogging self up (must give props to my brothers and sisters of the revolution).


  1. Such a good idea! I posted my Friday contribution on flickr, no blog yet (maybe soon?). I'm already planning ahead to next week. Thank you for starting this!

  2. I posted one of my two photobooth pics for "Photobooth Friday"...I certainly don't have what you'd call a collection, but I couldn't help but participate for at least two fridays!! :) Thanks!

  3. Hiya..I may have one to post for tomorrow, if I don't chicken out...how can I get hooked up to your page? Thanks...!