24 February 2016

february's sixty seconds

sixty seconds of moving pictures shot in the city with my people on the greyest of february days, a dead grey, really. but that's february for you. month two of the sixty second photograph and I really struggled this go round. fumbled my way through the process, made a crap load of mistakes. but I'm letting go, folks. make and release, make and release. and hopefully, learn a little something in the process. this is my mantra.

p.s. more about the project here, and more lovely february films over on the site.

p.p.s. music by the incomparable nathan corrona aka dj dust.


  1. You continually inspire me so dang much!

  2. A big YES to this. So beautiful. And helps combat the grey in the best way.

  3. I loved this! Could you please share the title of that music track in your video? Thank you.

  4. That mural is especially fabulous with your striped socks! :)