01 March 2016

color//colour green

in the name of the color green, I:

walked in the green(ish) grass in my bare (cold) feet.
noticed the beginnings of green(ish) leaves on the trees in our backyard.
named every single green succulent that currently resides in our home.
okay, named all the green non-succulent living things too.
silently celebrated the BP gas station down on boulevard that is so totally doing its own thing.
waxed poetic about a battered old green hotel sign down on ponce and the early years of marriage.
dreamt of wild mint that grew in giant clumps back at our old house in portland.
dreamt of battered old green doorways and spanish moss that hangs crazy down in savannah.
did not hang the bundle of eucalyptus in the shower as planned.
did not eat enough green things, not even close.

(more of my greens here, more about color//colour lovers here, lovely co-collaborator xanthe's green here and both of our colors live quite happily here)

(having since blown through the final two weeks devoted to orange and blue, color//colour lovers is now officially over and obviously, I am a leetle behind) 

(expect a barrage of orange here and then probably a riot of blue and then, of course, a fond color//colour lovers adieu) 


  1. I'm not ready for it to be over. I'm going for purple just so I can keep the dream alive.

    1. thanks so much for playing along! I need to hop on over and see what you've been up to!

  2. So Amazing :)

    Each telling a story of its own :)

    Love seeing your work :)

    Thanks, T. :)

  3. Green...my favorite color...and done beautifully here.